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1959 Edsel

Corsair Convertible


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Engine Size
332ci V8
Transmission Type
2 Speed Automatic

1959 Edsel Corsair Convertible

1959 Edsel Corsair Convertible

During his early childhood, Edsel and his father worked side by side on cars. Later on, Edsel became more fascinated by the shapes of automobiles than by their inner workings. As a teenager, he built several speedsters, mostly T-based. Edsel was indulging in a common pastime of the day, one shared by quite a few young men with money, the difference being that Edsel had an unlimited supply of parts. This love of styling and building cars would come in very handy as time went on. As for the actual car, buyers didn't purchase the Edsel, because it was a bad or ugly car. They didn't buy it because it didn't live up to the expectations the company created in the prior months with the epic advertising campaign. So actually, the first failure occurred for the Edsel before anyone even saw the automobile.

For consignment a top of the line for Edsel production the Corsair. Styling is simpler and more tasteful and a column shifter replaced the problematic Teletouch transmission in this model. This Petal Yellow over chromed cruiser is definitely long and strong on the cruise aspect, and sports the continental rear bumper making it even longer. The quintessential late 1950's Detroit iron, all looking ripe for the picking.

Styling was king for these cars, and it was a known fact that the more chrome you gave people the more they ate it up, so belly up to the chrome table as there is much to feast your eyes upon. In front the vertical horse collar central grille with the 50's stylized egg crate grille flanking it on either side complete with dual dual headlights on either side. A large split lower front bumper frames the bottom of the grille and offers a soft-landing place for your eye on the horse collar grille. The long hood and corresponding fenders are all trimmed with chrome on all edges and it's all looking shiny and holding their luster. On either side is a large trim spear which widens as it moves rearward on the car and in back resembles a paperclip shape with a stainless panel insert. All this is attached to a background of Petal Yellow which in name, gives odes to the pastel nature of the paint. Overall, it is an earlier restoration and still retains its shine. However, there are plenty of touch ups, a few cracks in the paint, and lighter toned fender skirts. The white canvas convertible top has bird dropping stains throughout, but a good detailing should eliminate these. On the back of the twin antennae in swept back form sit on the edges of the rear quarters and flank the large trunk lid. This lid has somewhat of an eyebrow shape, and he front is topped with chrome edging. The continental wide rear bumper is now on and is bathed in body matching Petal Yellow, and lots of shiny chrome. Taillights are thin arrowhead designs and have 3 round tail lights within the arrow. A tri pointed star and turbine pattern wheel coverings can be seen on all 4 corners, all wrapped in wide white bias ply radials.

A swing of the big doors, and you will have a taste of things to come with the door panels. These have an embossed square pattern vinyl in light gray for an inset panel and a smooth black vinyl surround. Chromed handles and levers are seen in this panel as well as a vinyl covered smaller armrest and door pull. The seats retain the same colorway with embossed square pattern inserts in silver and black bolsters. Here we see a front split back bench, and full rear bench. The intricately designed dash fronts these classic seats, and shows futuristic design with a centrally located speedometer, and oval clusters flanking on either side. Below the speedo numbers is a fab starburst design all leading to the odometer. A curved wrap apron central stainless steel trim piece is running from side to side and houses the radio, numerous knobs, pulls, and a clock. A two toned black and white plastic steering wheel fronts this dash and is in excellent condition. Under the dash is a large box with white round venting which would be the dealership installed Polar-Aire air conditioner. Black carpeting for the floors and on the dash top a model of the car which you will be purchasing watches over the interior.

Under the very nice hood, and restored engine bay is a 332ci V8 topped with a single 2-barrel carburetor. On the back is a Mile-O-Matic 2-speed automatic transmission, now shiftable on the tree instead of last year's pesky unreliable buttons. Way back for the rear axle is a 9-inch 2.91 gear ratio rear axle. All surfaces are very clean, and the engine is mostly satin black with some satin silver accenting on the air cleaner cover and valve covers.

Underneath we are all clean and rust free with nicely painted black steel X frame, floor pans, and finely tuned mechanicals like independent coil springs for the front and leaf springs for the back. Power drum brakes are on all 4 corners, and a fairly clean dual exhaust is helping the 332 cubes exhale.

Being a sucker for these big late 50's pieces of Detroit iron I hopped in and she fired right up. The power top went down in a flash, and I was off to the test track where it performed just beautifully. I noticed the horn is inoperable, but all else is working just great.

The beneficiary of an early 2000's restoration, it is still holding its own on the fit and finish. Mechanically very sound and just a few faults within the exterior paint, but no rusting to concern ourselves with. A convertible, continental kit, and otherwise loaded vehicle for its time, we give you the famous Edsel.

B-332ci V8 2bbl 225hp
U-Louisville, KY Assy Plant
707074-Sequential Unit Number

BODY 76E-Corsair Convertible
COLOR QQ-Petal Yellow
TRIM 42-Black, Silver, White Vinyl
DATE 12L-November 12th
TRANS 3-3 Speed Mile-O-Matic
AXLE 5-Ford 9" 2.91 Gears

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