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1957 Jaguar

XK140 Coupe


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Engine Size
201ci I6
Transmission Type
4 Speed Manual

1957 Jaguar XK140 Coupe

1957 Jaguar XK140 Coupe

Jaguar is responsible for some of the most memorable cars ever produced. It's no coincidence that the brand's designs tend to age gracefully and it's no coincidence that well-preserved Jaguars always find a dedicated group of fans that are ready and willing to pay top dollar for their favorite vintage. There has been a recent uptick in European cars and if this trend has piqued your interest, this Jaguar is worth a look.

Here we have for consignment a classic which is in the throes of a restoration but not finished. The metal bodywork has all been roughed in and primed. A gorgeous powerplant is completed and mechanically sound under the hood, and all the remaining parts in order to complete the restoration are included with this car. You just have to put the pieces together and pick your color, do some smoothing out of metal panels, and you are off to the classic car shows and races!

These late 50's XK's are a lesson in using the french curve in the design process. Not a straight line on this car, which is roughed in, patched, but not smoothed to final finish steel. Most rust has been remediated, and parts from other XK's are now installed where the originals were not salvageable. Most of the car is in gray primer but will still need more body work to get it to snuff. (eg. driver's front fender). Beautifully integrated headlights and turn signal housings are all melting together to form this final look of the car. 16 inch wire wheels are on this sexy coupe. Meeeeee-YOWZA!

A shell awaits the parts to be placed carefully inside. Consigner states all the boxes that come with this car, some of which will include leather seats, all new interior wood and gauges. He also states there are plenty of duplicate parts just in case you fail the first time around.

A fully restored and shined to perfection 201ci inline 6-cylinder engine is within the thin, long engine bay. Dual SU H6 carburetors are attached to the side and there is a 4-speed manual transmission on back, which works perfectly. On the back are 3.54 gears for the axle. Just a beautiful I-6 installation and visuals for this machine.

Fully restored frame all painted and nice, with new suspension and brakes completely refreshed. Torsion bars for the front and leaf springs for the back. Drum brakes are all around, and the exhaust system is all stainless steel and shiny and new. All solid as a rock underneath. LUNGE FORWARD!

While the engine does start, we didn't dare drive the car due to some missing coolant hoses.

With some sweat equity, and a firm hand to gently finish this beautiful cat classic, you will have a real piece of British history on your hands all wrapped up in a french curve package. Think of yourself as a sculptor with a blank canvas that does have some numbers on it to help guide you…and yield a cat that will play with other cars like an unwinding ball of yarn.

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