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1956 Ford



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Engine Size
390 V8
Transmission Type
3 Speed Automatic

1956 Ford Customline

1956 Ford Customline

Bill France the president of NASCAR, was quoted as saying, “The one thing you can't take away from the Ford is that they have the best steel in the entire industry regardless of price.” He was referring to the fact that under the terrible beatings of stock car racing, Ford cars break fewer axles, wheels, frames and front-end assemblies than any other make.

For consignment we present the 1956 Ford Customline. This two toned custom interior and a slight bit of modern touches thrown in for giggles car is a true retro throwback in many ways. A very nice overall restoration which even includes the undercarriage. A new engine, new suspension, and some xtra upgrades and we have a very original looking resto-mod cruiser.

Bathed in beautiful blue just like Elvis' suede shoes, there is plenty of accenting bling for you to enjoy while scanning the blue. This includes but is not limited to the shiny wide open egg crate grille. A large lower chrome bumper with some edge pieces that contain the signals and running lights that wrap around the front quarter just above the bumper below. On either side which has very straight steel and nicely minded gaps there is an adornment of stainless steel in the form of a swoop spear that runs the length of the sides. Just above is a wraparound front windshield and dual searchlights are on the front quarters. On back are space age inspired round taillights with a trim spear above each on the very top forming the back of what would be a slight tail fin. 15 inch 4 pointed 50's stars with bullet central hubs and red accenting just before the wide whites are nicely showing on all 4 corners. Short side pipes which are nonfunctional hang just below the front rockers and extend to half way past the doors.

The door panels use the exterior swoop spear as their inspiration for the two-tone gray and blue broadcloth design in the door panels. Moving inside more of the broadcloth for the front split back bench with a blue insert and light gray bolster. There are gray buttons inserted befitting this blue field just for some accenting. The rear bench imitates this front bench and blue carpeting floods the floors these benches float in. Upfront the original dash configuration is seen with its single arch for the speedo but it has new gauges wiring this padded arch in black. A satin aluminum band runs across the mid dash front and has the temp sliders, knobs, and an aftermarket AM/FM/Cassette player neatly installed. A Hurst shifter is now in the center of the hump in front of the bench. A broadcloth headliner in light blue is floating nice and tightly above all this alphabet soup of 50's style.

As the facts state a new, (brand new no miles), 390ci V8 now graces the engine bay. In all its blue blocked glory and is literally like new and sports Cobra Le Mans Valve covers, an Edelbrock intake, and a 4 bbl Weber carburetor on top covered by a shiny airbrushed cover. Consigner states an Edelbrock performer cam has been inserted into this mill as well just for a little extra kick! On back is a C6 3-speed automatic with a mere 7K miles on it and ready for more miles and miles of reliable service. The rear axle is a Ford 9-inch with 3.22 gears.

With a fine coating of surface rust seen on the frame, all else is rust free and solid and structurally sound. A new gas tank, and H pipe exhaust system are now installed and are shiny and bright. Drum brakes are seen on all 4 corners and consigner states these brakes are all new. We also see shorter springs for a lower ride upfront, and blocked rear.

A quick starter and the new engine and trans meshed well and performed beautifully. Great acceleration, smooth as silk shifting, and a nice low RPM cruise. All functions were working great and it was a fun test drive for sure!

A mild resto-mod, with a not so mild temperament for the power plant and C6 transmission. Lowered suspension, new brakes, fuel tank, exhaust for the free flow of power to the rear axle, and it all works beautifully together for a looker and a cooker in this 1956 Customline.

U-272ci V8
U-Louisville, KY Assy Plant
V-Victoria 2 Door Hardtop
185866-Sequential Unit Number

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