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1978 Chrysler



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Engine Size
400 V8
Transmission Type
3 Speed Automatic

1978 Chrysler Cordoba

1978 Chrysler Cordoba

De Plaane Boz, De Plane!! Cue the Ottmar Liebert guitar music and have Ricardo Montalban on his spot! Action!! Córdoba also spelled Cordova in English, is a city in Andalusia, southern Spain, and the capital of the province of Córdoba.

Who can forget that wonderful “Spanich” rrrroll of the tongue by actor Rrricardo Montelban and his infamous Chrysler Cordoba Commercials! And now for consignment that famous car made famous by the famous actor and his use of the words “Rich Corinthian Leather”. They say good things come in twos so we give you this 1978 version of the Cordoba and doing a great job of gracing our “pasillos sagrados”.

1978 brought us the large midsize car meant to save on gas yet still provide comfort for the family to be transported in comfort. So, they came up with the Cordoba with its leading edge dual stacked rectangular headlights and smaller turn signal light flanking the larger headlights, and rounding the corner on the front quarters. A central chrome encased vertical ribbed grille in V form is in on, and a nice corresponding bumper below. Formal Sable Tan Sunfire metallic, (and it has flakes), adorns this car with a few faults, but overall, nicety has been retained. Shiny trimmings for the wheel wells and rockers and a medium tan vinyl “landau top” complete with opera window in on the rear third of the roof. A trunk with room for all the luggage and then some is under the large long rear deck. On either side are square taillights, and below a shiny bike bumper to cradle the taillights and frame the bottom of the trunk. Brushed aluminum 15-inch Chrysler wheels are on all 4 corners and wrapped in 215/75-R15's all around.

Wait for it...Wait for it…Corrrrrinthian Leather (swoon and a faint to the couch!) wrapped in saddle brown Corinthian Leather and vinyl adorn the interior surfaces of this classic. Front high back buttoned and tufted buckets sit in front of the original dash setup and a similar buttoned and tufted rear bench is stretching across the back from cathedral window to cathedral window. 1978 adornments like a cassette player, cruise control, power windows, power moon roof. and power locks. All this in a sea of gold carpeting, and a smooth one piece headliner also in gold. Certainly, all that glitters it is.! Hay oro en ellos colinas!!

Looking original with shine patina this 400ci V8 with its single recently rebuilt Lean Burn 4-barrel carb atop and A727 Torqueflite 3-speed automatic transmission on back, and a 8 1/4 inch 3.23 gear rear axle is ripe for the picking. Very nicely detailed and preserved. Simply “BONITA!”

Some surface rust on the usual suspects like the suspension and driveshaft, but otherwise looking just great. Torsion bar suspension for the front, and leaf springs for the rear along with power disc brakes on front and power drums for the back and a nice solid exhaust , take the wheel and drive to the coast Meester Montebahn!!

A quick starter and inside was luxurious in the tufted and buttoned Corinthian Leather...I just love saying that…Corinthian Leather…but I digress to the test track where she lumbered around turns with that cushy 1978 ride, nice smooth acceleration, and bias free panic stopping. I noticed the drivers power seat front and back adjustments are inoperable.

Always garaged, we have a unique high optioned classic that will be yours with a roll of the tongue and a roll of cash. Gracias Ricardo Monteban.

S-Chrysler Cordoba
S-Special Price Class
22-2 Door Special Coupe
N-400ci V8 4bbl 190hp
R-Windsor, Ontario CA Assy Plant
246604-Sequential Unit Number

E64: 400ci V8 4bbl 190hp
D36: A727 Torqueflite
Scheduled Production Date: 512 May 12th
Vehicle Order Number: AQ5200
Body Paint: Sable Tan Sunfire Metallic
Top Paint: Sable Tan Sunfire Metallic
Interior Trim: DLU5: Luxury Leather, Saddle
Upper Door Frame Paint: 000
V8U: Saddle Landau Vinyl Top
U: Build To USA Specifications
28: 28 inch Radiator
B12: HD Front Disc Brakes
B13: Taxi Front Disc
C16: Console
C55: Bucket Seats
G66: Unknown
G76: OS Dual Remote Mirror
H51: Air Conditioning
L31: Fender Mounted Turn Signals
L35: Corning Lamps
M25: Wide Sill Molding
M51: Power Sunroof W/Vinyl Top
N88: Automatic Speed Control
N94: Catalytic Converter
P31: Power Windows
P41: Door Locks
P45: Deck Release
R48: Power Antenna
END: End of options

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