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1890 Benz

Patent Motorwagen


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1890 Benz Patent Motorwagen

1886 Benz Patent Motorwagen

In 1888 Bertha Benz and her two sons decided to take a 66 mile trip through the black forest and of various villages to visit her mother. This sounds like a no news story but remember it is 1888, and with the help of her husband's recent invention and to show it works she took it upon herself to set out and do the trip with just her two boys by her side. This journey was fraught with obstacles with many stops at apothecaries in little towns to get more fuel (alcohol based cleaning fluids), and a quick repair by a blacksmith to put some leather on the wood brakes which were wearing out. Occasionally both boys had to get out and push on steep hills, prompting their father to add a lower gear to the invention upon their return. It was a true spectacle with amazed onlookers lining the way and is now a historic drive of her original route in Germany, aptly named the Bertha Benz Memorial Route, and putting her husband's invention on the map.

For consignment a replica of the 3 delicate wheeled Patent Motor Wagen by Carl Benz. Built in Vietnam by Trieu Phuoc LTD. in 2012, this car was sanctioned by Mercedes Benz, and full access was granted to the original on display in Mannheim Germany. It is a fully running replica, and all in excellent condition for static display or press road runs for test drives. A promotional tool.

Essentially a delicate 3 wheel with large spokes carriage built on a steel tubular frame this replica is fully running and is painted black with brass and copper accents. A front axle with a steering fork and rack and pinion steering is guiding this automobile with its single front wheel. A wood lath open carriage is in excellent condition with a fine finish and no signs of any wear. Perched on top of this is a carriage bench which is an overstuffed and pristine leather in black carriage seat. A yoke style steering mechanism reaches out for the center seated driver and has a large vertical handle for easier steering. A long lever is to driver's left and is to actuate the handbrake.

In back, a water-cooled single cylinder, 4 stroke engine is mounted horizontally. It features 954cc's and can put out about .75HP with a top speed of 16 MPH (going downhill!). A flat belt with idling and fixed discs on each wheel is driven by a chain to a centrally located countershaft that puts power to both rear wheels. Power for forward movement is transferred between idling and fixed discs and allows the car to be stopped without killing the engine. This engine runs on standard gasoline. Starting is easily accomplished by turning the large horizontally opposed flywheel in back.

With its fine spoked wheels and solid rubber tires, the ride is just a bit dicey, although it definitely gets you from point A to point B, and all in 1886 style! Beautifully delicate and at the same time rugged and built like a typical Mercedes Benz. Copper and brass accents give it a “Steampunk” styled look, but it is fully operational and historically accurate. Fascinating!

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