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1970 Harley Davidson

D3 Golf Car


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1970 Harley Davidson D3 Golf Car

1970 Harley Davidson D3 Golf Cart

In 1963, three-wheel Harley-Davidson golf carts were introduced, with a four wheeled version following shortly there-after. These carts could be seen all over golf courses throughout the 1960's and 1970's. In 1969, American Machinery and Foundry (AMF) bought the company and continued production of the golf carts until 1982 when they sold their cart division to Columbia ParCar, who is one of the major manufacturers of gasoline and electric golf carts. Harley-Davidson golf carts are now considered classic and many enthusiasts take pride in restoring them to their original condition.

For consignment a frame up restoration and redux with no stones unturned on this classic HD rare 3-wheel golf cart. It's all electric, easy to drive around and comfy to go a longer distance. If you are in a gated retirement community with plenty of places to travel within the community to go to, this is a way to do it in style!

The Cart:
Black fiberglass in excellent condition is formed with some steel shiny tubing and a chromed rear bumper to create the look for this cart. This is a 3 wheeled version and has a steering yoke to control the turning. Wheels are all deep-dish custom ITP wheels and fresh rubber is wrapping them. The tubing protects the front as well as wraps around the sides where it becomes a step rail for access and egress. Our particular model sports some nifty LED lights that are mounted underneath and shine past the front wheel to light the way forward. All weather carpeting with rubber HD branded floor protective mats are on driver and passenger's floors. The central console shows some toggles and a voltmeter/battery life indicator gauge, and is fronted by a yoke style steering bar with a black and orange covering and a knucklebuster knob. The yoke allows the cart to be steered from either side, although the passenger cannot control speed and braking, so leave it to the driver! Near perfect short back buckets nestled against each other and showing in black bolsters and a border of white piping keeping the tuck and roll orange vinyl inserts at bay. These seats have a beautiful sewn on HD logo badge in the middle of the backs. A covered tub resides on the back and has a black and orange tuck and roll striped snapping piece of vinyl covering a storage compartment. Maintenance access is as simple as lifting the entire seating and storage tub up in the air via a rear hinge. Here you can access the batteries, drive motor, inboard disc brake or any of the other simple mechanicals.

The Power:
An 8 HP electric motor powered by (6) 12-volt new Duracells is under the body. All new wiring, and a single inboard disc brake is on the driveshaft next to the electric motor. All this resides within a steel tube frame and is supported by a spring suspension. Front suspension is a dual shock absorber on the front fork.

Tooling Around:
This cart has great torque, and excellent drivability. It's easy to handle and exhibits great braking. The top speed is around 20mph.

A rare example in excellent condition all Harley Davidson in black and orange. All fully restored and working like a charm. FORE!!!

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