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1949 Murray

Torpedo Buick Pedal Car


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1949 Murray Torpedo Buick Pedal Car

1949 Murray Torpedo Buick Pedal Car

The Murray Ohio Manufacturing Company was founded in 1910 by J.W. Murray. The company operated out of Detroit, Michigan until 1919 when the company was relocated to Cleveland, Ohio. The Murray brand name was actually not used until the conclusion of WWII. Until recently, evidence of the skillful workmanship, care and dedication put into the traditional pedal cars could only be found in the few and rare remaining pedal cars. In today's "throw-away" world, where trends come and go and nothing seems to last for long, Classic Auto Mall endeavors to bring you those special things back from the past when quality and workmanship were highly valued.

The pedal car really is the perfect antique toy to own. They are very durable and can even be used from generation to generation. Your family can actually experience the fun of the pedal car without fear of destroying a collectible. If you didn't get to enjoy a new pedal car during your childhood, it isn't too late, because here we present a 1949 ground up restored Torpedo Buick model. This lost soul was actually found in a pile after Hurricane Katrina, and was amazingly intact, so the restoration began in earnest.

Leading the way with its large chrome grille, shiny bezeled head lighting, large shiny ornament for the bulbous hood, and wrap apron windshield, these are just a bit of the amazing triple plated chrome on this pedal car. Exquisitely rounded fenders flank this big hood on either side and all meet up at the back of the hood and are topped by a curved triple opening chromed windshield. The cockpit is surrounded by a band of contrasting champagne metallic paint emulating a tonneau cover. On the back are some shiny bobbed taillights and a pristine bumper. TORPEDO badging is on either front quarter, and rounded rockers on this deep red metal toy (collectible!). Beautiful faux wide white sidewalls with a thin red band and center chromed moon caps are on all 4 corners and sport concentric circle ribbed design. A slight dent is in the metal on the passenger's side just behind the torpedo badge. All else is just perfectly aligned and finishes are a 10 of 10 concours level.

Inside is a simple tuck and roll bench in white, with smooth bolster surrounds. The dash is very small and in black just embossed in metal with no instruments (painted or otherwise) and a champagne metallic painted metal steering wheel fronts this small dash. Pedal mechanisms are nearly perfect with no dirt or even slight wear! The drive mechanism which is a bent crankshaft mechanism, is well lubricated and all buttoned up for the good times to roll.

Today as in the past, the joy of purchasing these pedal products is that they have a fabulous build quality unlike the plastic models that came out in the late 1970's. These pedal cars and other toys were constructed with pure steel, no plastic parts. This durability along with the exquisite style and detail to the original models of the toys are what keep consumers coming back. Consumers are not only buying these products as child toys, but as adult toys, too. So, what is the holdup??

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