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1939 Gendron

Skippy Graham Pedal Car


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1939 Gendron Skippy Graham Pedal Car

1939 Gendron Skippy Graham Pedal Car

The first factory built pedal cars appeared in the 1890s on the heels of Karl Benz's three-wheel Motorwagen. Like the first automobiles, pedal cars were for the rich. Sheet steel covered their wood frames with full-size carriage lights, starting cranks and license plates furnishing the trim. By the early 1900s pedal cars were widespread, especially in the United States, England, France, and Australia.

For consignment a Gendron Company with Skippy being the trade name for this particular offering of a 1939 Skippy Graham Pedal Car. Prewar cars are more valuable due to two main factors, 1 only the wealthiest families could afford these handmade metal reproduction play toys, and after the war production switching to a more mechanized process making the toys more affordable, so earlier cars are more desirable and more hand made. Also, during the war, many of these cars were given away for scrap for the war effort. This Graham has some of the styling of the 1939 original from which it was modeled, and presents in restored concours condition.

With steel panels that are laser straight and some rounded fenders that may have spent some hand time on the English wheel for their final shape, this beautiful toy pedal car has unbelievable detail and attention to a simplified version of the actual 1939 Graham. Dark blue bathes the side metal front and rear of this car, and it sports cream accenting for the fenders and cast wheels. A chromed windshield surround, bumpers and flying hood ornament are just a few of the minute details that attention was paid to and overall, it presents with a truly handmade quality. Affectionately known as the “Sharknose” the design of this entire car visually moves forward no matter how you look at it. Right down to the folded convertible top which hangs off the back of the passenger compartment along with a trio of trim accents below the windshield it is definitely elevated from toy status to collectible. Some added pinstriping in red is seen throughout accenting the cream highlighted parts and chromed moon caps which are like new are covering the hubs.

Inside the pedal powered cockpit, is a simple padded seat with a red tuck and roll pad, black metal steering wheel in front of a painted on dash front which emulates actual gauges and dials as well as painted on surrounds to these gauges are noted for the dash. Perfection throughout, and attention to detail with no expense spared for the restoration.

Underneath mechanicals are all fully restored, lubricated and put together with tender loving care with not even a squeak to speak of.

This Graham is truly one of the rarest examples of an early pedal car, and rightly so as its forward moving design, and perfection during the restoration add to the overall value and a judging scale of a 10 of 10.

Not unlike today's electric toy cars, children have always had a fascination with automobiles and automobile play toys. Now that fascination has elevated itself to the level of an adult with a fine example from one of the largest collectors in the country, with his Detroit Automotive background, and the reason for his collecting of said toys. Or should I say collectibles?!

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