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1931 Ford

Model A Coupe


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Engine Size
350 V8
Transmission Type
3 Speed Automatic

1931 Ford Model A Coupe

1931 Ford Model A Coupe

Norm Grabowski's take on the T-Bucket, built in 1957, is what most people today consider the definitive hot rod. While Kraft was responsible for the rail job concept, Grabowski refined it into something beautiful and iconic. In this car, you can see the genesis of many of our most classic hot rod styling cues. An exposed V-8 engine and headers, fenderless steel wheels with dog-dish hub caps, a rakish stance, multiple carburetors, chrome everywhere and of course — a flame job! This was Grabowski's personal car, but it got its unusual name on its rise to fame. Shortly after it was built, someone from Warner Brothers saw the car cruising around Southern California. They paid Grabowski the princely sum of $50 a day to borrow his car, which would serve as the signature ride of Edd "Kookie" Burns on their detective drama 77 Sunset Strip. The Kookie Kar, as it came to be known, quickly became a fan favorite, and helped to spread California hot rod style nationwide. Pretty soon, everyone was cloning The Kookie Car, and stripped-down, chromed-out T-Buckets became the performance cars of their day. From then on, those early T-Buckets would remain the standard against which all future hot rods would be judged.

For consignment the quintessential Kookie Car all steel custom build hot rod that covers all the bases to be an actual real iconic hot rod. Open fender less wheels covered with moon caps, wide open oversized engine with big exposed pipes, a chopped top, ”rail job” framed and lots of louvers along with a pinup girl name and logo that would make the nose of a WW2 fighter proud in the form of “Lady Luck”. We give you shades of Norm Grabowski in this 1931 wild ride all slapped together with ole Henry's steel from 1931.

All bathed in silver paint put together with custom hand painted rivets, this car sports the original steel from the factory in 1931! Starting out as a 1931 5 window body, she's been chopped, louvered, channeled and hopped up on the suspension front, and now we have a totally wild ride that bleeds the original hot rod styling. Dubbed the “A bomb” (duck and cover!) Lady Luck adorns the doors and is the pinup with arm above head, sexy legs perfectly positioned on a bomb as she shows off her hourglass shaped figure. Up front the radiator shell remains all else has been taken away for weight loss so its open to the firewall. A drilled sun visor and canvas top in the middle was used by the factory because the technology to shape an actual total steel roof just was not there…yet! On back the curved rear has louvers cut into it for more weight loss. On top of the silver is plenty of black and red contrasting pinstripe flourishes and some additional tongue in cheeky artwork throughout. On all 4 corners are OEM styled spoke rims bathed in red with a center chromed moon cap, all wrapped up in wide Firestone whites. “Leap out the window, my inner Tigress cried. You aren't ready to face such a powerful Tiger. I frowned. I thought a true Tigress never backed down from a fight.”

A swing of the shaved doors and we are greeted with more military styled artwork and pinstripe flourish (what'd you expect?) Aluminum bomber styled buckets take up the interior and have back padding on the seats and 2 point racing belts. In the center a tall billet style shift lever with a red leather boot rises proudly from the center hump. The silver painted metal dash sports more artwork, more pinstripe flourishes and a central machined aluminum swirl pattern instrument cluster with a trio of gauges. A sleek steering column emanates from the dash and is topped by a red rimmed steering wheel. In back a red vinyl covering is behind the seats covers the gas tank. The interior headliner is just a bit rough, but in tune with the theme along with some strategically placed mini bombs. Let's just say Kilroy was definitely here!

Sitting in what was the cowled hood area, now long gone, is an oversize 327ci V8 ca.1969-1979 Corvette Engine (TYU 1975-1977 350ci V8). On top of this polished monster are a dual 2-barrel Ford scripted 94 carbs complete with bent intake pipes just to keep it simple. On back is a TH350 3-speed automatic, that throws power rearward to a Ford 9-inch 3.73 posi rear axle which can be easily viewed under the louvered rear trunk lid. Nice headers and a large straight pipe complete the exhale of this mill.

A stock Ford styled rail frame has been Z'd and body has been channeled. All is nicely painted black, and for the rear we note it's been bagged to adjust ride height and smoothness. Upfront we see a transverse leaf spring suspension and open drum brakes are all around.

Slipping into this work of hot rod art, it lit up with a thunderous roar, and it was off to the test track to make some noise. And indeed, it did, with plenty of smooth acceleration, good solid braking and fine cornering. It was a pretty comfortable ride especially with those airbags to help put on the ride and height. All working all good for rad retro rod.

We see lots of hot rods come through our doors, but very few emulate the original essence of the hot rod like this car does. It truly checks all the Norm Grabowski boxes, adds in some artwork to make you blush, and has pin striping to beat the band. Drop the hanky and we're off like a prom dress! Bombs Away! Yikes..

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