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1969 Ford



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Engine Size
302 V8
Transmission Type
3 Speed Manual

1969 Ford Bronco

1969 Ford Bronco

The Ford Bronco has returned, introduced in July of 2020 and it was not alone. Not one but two new Broncos will debut this year, following up on a legacy that stretched from 1966 until 1996, when the last big Bronco rolled off the assembly line. In its 30 years, Dearborn's rugged 4x4 changed with the times, laying the foundation for the SUVs that took over the range in the 1990s. Also, fun fact: The carburetor of the Bronco featured special floats to battle fuel flooding or starvation during off-roading in steep terrain. A number of other systems were beefed up to make it able to handle itself off-road, including a larger oil pan and a more capable fuel pump.

For consignment a generation 1 version right out of 1969 with a recent engine rebuild, and older respray and interior recovered back in '06. This vehicle lives up to its name as it is unbroken on the acceleration front, and a full press of the accelerator and it is off like its namesake, we give you the 1969 Bucking Bronco. All looking sweet in its orange garb, nifty wheels and overall excellent condition. Saddle up!

Yeeee haaaaah! on the exterior paint which is a beautiful orange this brush brumpy looking just fab with a few dents and dings but paint is still excellent and deep. In nice contrast the shiny stainless grille with its simple round headlights on either side and a thin but effective shiny bumper below. All panels are straight and rust free, and metal is nice and thick gauge for extra toughness. Our example is without a roof, so you'll need to currently limit your enjoyment to the warmer months or obtain a top off the world wide web. With a windscreen that can tilt forward for unlimited views, and a roll bar just in case you take a trial less traveled and get wheels up, you will be protected. Tinted glass all around and a tailgate that has a small storage area upon opening it along with a rear seat. Another nicely trimmed thin bumper below and side pipes which are peeking out the bottom at an angle it's ready for the barrel race. 15 inch highly polished wheels wrapped in 235/75R15 rubber on all 4 hooves it is awaiting the gate to open!

Keep it simple would sum it up for this wild ride as we saddle up we use a stirrup to climb aboard and we perch on white vinyl buckets passing white door panels on our way inside. Up front is an original dash with just the facts ma'am, on the instrument front 1 circular gauge cluster for this fine equine. An orange dash front is topped by a near perfect black padded vinyl topper and fronted by an original steering wheel with a 3 on the tree. Your 4 wheel shifter is on the center on the floor. Near perfect black rubber tough flooring floods the floors and in back in a sea of orange ribbed bed metal is a passenger padded armed bench also in white vinyl. Surrounding paint and interior surfaces are all excellent condition.

They say never look a gift horse in the mouth, however we here at Classic Auto Mall with our inquiring minds pay no attention to this theory so we pop the hood and are met with pure bling and horsepower! 302 cubes with an Edelbrock Performer 289 intake and Edelbrock 4-barrel carburetor aligned with the 3-speed manual transmission will unleash this steed with unbridled power. A 3.50 rear axle is on the back and the tires may spin if you give it a bit too much giddy-up..

Up on our lift we can inspect the belly of this beast and we note solid full frame construction, no rust, and all looking simple and good to go. Trailing arm and coil springs for the front suspension, and leaf springs for the rear, combine with disc brakes upfront and drums on the back, and a Magnaflow exhaust to produce a robust engine sound as you take her through the dressage of the back roads and trails.

The orange called me and I had to take it for a ride. It did not disappoint and was the most fun I've had driving the many cars in our inventory here in a while. An awesome kick is had with a press of the accelerator, plenty of straight bias free whoa on the solid braking, and able to hug any trail easily and with sure-footedness. The gauges around the speedo cluster were deemed inoperable, but I was not watching this at all!

Plenty of thoroughbred power, the sure footedness of a mountain goat, and looks to attract attention like a Clydesdale, this fine example of the Ford Bronco from 1969 is just a load of fun to drive and looks great while doing it. If you are in the market for a classic 4x4 use some horse sense and stop by Classic Auto Mall and check this one out.

G-302ci V8
L-Michigan Truck Assy Plant
F93963-Sequential Unit Number

WB 092-92" Wheelbase
COLOR 7-Harbor Blue
MODEl U150-Bronco
BODY 9U98-Body Code
TRANS C-3 Speed Manual
AXLE 18-3.50 Gears

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