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1961 Chevrolet

Impala Convertible


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Engine Size
283 V8
Transmission Type
2 Speed Automatic

1961 Chevrolet Impala Convertible

1961 Chevrolet Impala Convertible

The Chevrolet Impala was rejuvenated again for 1961, officially the year when the third generation rolled into production. Chevy's flagship full-size model was now entirely modern and, more importantly, an SS version became available.

This current consignment takes us back to 1961 and firmly planted in the new development within which we live, and formally called suburbia. Dad goes to work, and mom stays home except when she needs to go on an errand then she takes the Impala. She puts the top down and takes off to the grocery store. Really? Does it honestly take 4 hours at the grocery store? Of course, this car is the star of the show, fully restored to near perfection, and a very fine example of what careful attention to detail can produce. A show winner, and a grocery getter (well, maybe, ask mom what was going on in those 4 hr. store trips!)

Laser straight steel rust free panels are minding their gaps very nicely on all corners of this car. This lovely metal is bathed in Seamist Turquoise and has the perfect accenting colored convertible top…white. Additionally, the teardrop taillights that sat on either side of the V-shaped rear end were gone and the traditional setup of six taillights, three on either side, returned. What is more, the car now had a more compact look with a much shorter front overhang. Also, in tune with the times, the tail fins were gone although they were mimicked by a design line that went up and around the back creating a ridge that formed a V shape in the middle of the rear panel. This model really put the Impala on the map as an incredibly popular model and, by 1965, when the fourth generation was launched, the Impala sold 1,000,000 units in one year. Borrowing just a smidge from the Tri-Five Bel Air, a side spear with a smaller panel is working its way from the bow to the stern where it widens just a bit then angles upward towards the top of the rear quarter. A horizontal teardrop shaped fender skirt adds to the long and thin look of this design. Upfront clean dual headlights flank an egg crate grille that has been slimmed down since its inception model of 1958. A smaller bumper with some mini rubber tipped “Dagmars” hangs below, and on each top of the front quarters is a V style chromed jet trimming. Cross flagged center hub badged wheel covers with a surrounding turbine pattern is wrapped by wide white thin bias ply tires on all 4 corners.

Put the top down and let the sun shine in on this beautifully restored and detailed interior. Chromed buttoned and stitched upper blue vinyl panels are on the doors with a mid level band of brushed aluminum complete with blue door pull/armrest, chromed GM styled actuating paddle and window cranks. Below is another smooth blue panel simply screwed on to the interior of the door. Feast your eyes on some snazzy two tone dark and light turquoise benches for the passengers which look like new. With dark horizontal white stitched inserts, smooth exterior bolsters and some light blue stripes creating the border between the stitched and smooth panels it is simple but effective design. Chrome edging shows up and holds the seats at the bottom and rear sides. All original and matching turquoise dash has a nice angled design, with an insert panel with horizontal ribbed stainless for the background and the gauges. A lower run of more blue metal is housing the knobs and climate control levers, as well as the ignition. As we move to the center, a long ribbed metal covered glovebox presents itself and above is an original AM radio, and cigarette station, well hidden behind a flip up door. Beautiful thick loop turquoise carpeting floods the floors, and there are some blue rubber floor mats for extra protection. The white top slips neatly behind the rear bench and has a turquoise tonneau cover which is just showroom condition.

So it's 1961, and we are in the showroom and looking at the engine and pretending we know exactly what's going on inside as the salesman drones on. What we see is a beautiful orange painted block and intake complete with orange painted valve covers, a like new master cylinder, supple shiny hoses and wiring, and a black air cleaner atop. This is the standard 283ci V8 topped with a single 2-barrel carburetor and a 2-speed Powerglide automatic transmission on back. The rear axle has 3.36 gearing, and the consigner states the engine is original to this car but has undergone extensive restoration and maintenance. Looking just beautiful underneath the hood. So, we just nod in affirmation!

Underneath is all fully restored to original showroom condition, and there is certainly no rust or even road dirt. Shiny exhaust, solid X frame, nice floorpans, tubs and rockers as well as clean wheel wells all is just fine underneath. Power drum brakes are on all 4 corners.

A turn of the key and we were off to the test track where it accelerated smoothly, cruised like no tomorrow, and had bias free solid braking on the panic stop. All functions were working just perfectly, and the interior is not only snappy looking it is extremely comfortable.

This 1961 Convertible Impala can definitely provide the WOW factor and is near perfect. Deep paint, excellent trimmings, very cool interior, and all working like it should, you can drive this one right out of our halls, but you may want to put it in a trailer to keep it as pristine as it already is! Do not touch!!

18-Impala V8
67-2 Door Convertible
N-Norwood, OH Assy Plant
167258-Sequential Unit Number

12B-2nd Week December Build
ST 61 1867-1961 Impala Convertible
BDY VN1442-Norwood Body #
TR 853-Turquoise Vinyl
PNT 917A-Seamist Turquoise, White Top

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