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2002 Porsche

911 Turbo


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Engine Size
3.6 Liter DOHC Flat 6 Twin Turbo
Transmission Type
6 Speed Manual

2002 Porsche 911 Turbo

2002 Porsche 911 Turbo

Introduced in late 1963 the legendary 911 kickstarted Porsche's foray into high performance royalty, and the most noble part of this particular 911 is the turbocharged, all-aluminum wizard living beneath its bonnet. Revs begin with a 3.6 liter flat six that, according to reviews, mixes supercar athletics with daily usability. From the factory, that set-up utilizes specific cams and specific pistons to turn an impressive 355 horsepower into a steady 384 lb./ft. of torque -- numbers that are easily good for 4.4-second 0-60 sprints and a 174 MPH top speed.

For consignment a real rocket ship of a 911 in the form of a twin turbo new chipped and all buttoned up service wise 2002 911 Porsche. Read on and you will be in for a whale of a tail (sic) of power and upgrades that make this car scary fast, all the while looking like the nice prepared German sports car it was meant to be…B E W A R E!

All rounded surfaces of curved steel with well minded gaps cover the exterior of this car. Aero inset headlamps, highly stylized curved door panels, and air intake for the wide rear quarter, and the whale tail on the back are all bathed in beautiful black. A few extra aero fairings (a Ruf Aero Kit) are attached to the bottom of this car making ground clearance that is best suited for a racetrack. Thin rubber sticky bands wrap 19-inch front and 20-inch rear Modualre shiny wheels that are oft seen on exotic sports cars throughout the world.

A true driver's car, this 911 wraps world-class vehicle dynamics in world class luxury. At the center of the car, heavily bolstered seats feature power adjustment for both the driver and front passenger. In back more 2 plus 2 small but effective buckets straddle the center hump. A weather-free dash hangs traditional overlapping circle 5-pod telemetry next to factory air conditioning, driver and passenger airbags and modern Porsche factory audio. A narrow console centers a short gear selector between and straight side panels that front factory power door locks and factory power windows. And the driver feels the curves through an airbag-equipped steering wheel. Carbon fiber accenting and panels abound inside this car.

A flip of the rear lid and one can barely see the making of which will propel you to new speeds underneath. This is a stout 3.6 liter DOHC Flat 6 with twin turbos. There is a performance chip inserted just for extra giggles when you want to really impress your passenger, and you feel goosey with your boot. A 6-speed manual transmission with a GT2 clutch slave cylinder and a 3.44 rear axle are installed. Consigner states and documents that in 3/2017, major preventive work was performed to rectify all known 911 turbo issues. Some of the work performed was newly welded coolant tubes, the addition of the clutch slave cylinder, and a shift detent ball was replaced.

Underneath is all good with some independent coil spring suspension and power disc brakes all around. A Kline exhaust in large circumference is now on for easier exhaling for those turbos. All looking good underneath, although due to low ground clearance our lift was inaccessible so we has to peek underneath for this report!

A true performer, this car is a handful if you do not know what you are doing. So, it was left into the hands of this professional racing trained test driver/writer to sort things out. Nothing needs sorting with this monster with plenty of unlimited power, bias free panic stopping, and a smooth cruise. Handling was like on rails and just the sheer constant flow of unlimited power was over the top. With the AWD system it's almost impossible lose traction and it is a beautiful driver that will suck the competition up its large dual exhaust pipes.

The WOW factor is considered here with its chip mod, dual turbos and aero kit we are in the presence of a race car. It can be driven on a back road; all be it one in good condition due to the low ground clearance. Excellent on all fronts, this consignment is all ready to go, just turn the key and put your foot into it. Well maintained, documented, and babied, a real looker.

O-Sports Car
A-911 Coupe
B-3.6L TT
2-Manual Belts, Front Airbags
4-Check Digit
S-Stuttgart, GE Asse Plant
686532-Sequential Unit Number

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