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1948 Chevrolet


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Figure based on a stock vehicle with OH rates with $100/$300k Liability/UM/UIM limits. Rates vary depending on the state, coverage selected and other factors. Policies underwritten by Essentia Insurance Company. Some coverage and discounts not available in all states. Call 877-922-9701 to speak with a representative or apply online. $352 /YEAR insurance
Engine Size
5.3L V8
Transmission Type
4 Speed Automatic

1948 Chevrolet Suburban

1948 Chevrolet Suburban

Originally, rat rods were a counter-reaction to the high-priced "customs" and typical hot rods, many of which were seldom driven and served only a decorative purpose. The rat rod's inception signified a throwback to the hot rods of the earlier days of hot-rod culture—built according to the owner's abilities and with the intention of being driven. Rat rods are meant to loosely imitate, in both form and function, the "traditional" hot rods of the era. Biker, greaser, rockabilly, psychobilly, and punk subcultures are often cited as influences that shaped rat rodding.

For consignment the counterculture version of a garage queen hot rod in the form of a rat rod. A 1948 Suburban from the bowtie group fits the part to a T! A little bit of intentionally left on rust, aging, previous coats of paint, and some mixers in nice chrome. Mostly original parts used, slammed, and some new mechanicals and instruments, and you are good to go you dirty boy, you.

This car walks a fine line between invasive rust and rust adding character, erring on the side of the latter, along with peeling paint, previous paint, rusted add ons, old beat up badging, some missing parts and some snappy wide Coker radial whites in excellent condition which wrap powder coated steel wheels, also excellent. We have a sound, fabulously beat up just before its ready to say uncle Suburban that has plenty of character and probably a slightly true story to go along with it which you will makeup upon its purchase. Think of it as a blank canvas, where you the artist will utilize on your wall (or garage and shows) to tell said tall tale, the more embellished the more valuable this vehicle becomes!! Noted anything important to the safe functioning of this car has been well hidden but certainly attended to, so despite it looking fresh from the junkyard in actuality it is a work of intentional planned art, that like a savant runs like a Swiss Watch, but looks like it was salvaged from the Titanic. Ultra cool in my book.

A creaky swing of the doors which BTW are solidly hinged, we see bare bones door panels which actually show the inner workings of said door. Some shiny handles and a nice armrest float in an otherwise unkempt raw door panel. Moving inside across the black shiny rattle can painted floors of solid metal, we can plop our bodies into some low back, black vinyl buckets which are in nice condition, no tears, rips or cracks! In front of these chairs resides the original dash in its rusted metal form, but with a touch of elegance with new Digital Dakota instruments in old style looks, shiny bezels, and accurate readings all working. Vintage heat and air have been added and working perfectly I might add, electric wipers on new glass and a new wiring harness. All else is left to the imagination, but the creature comforts are well working within this rat body. 2 more buckets are in back as well as a cargo area, and mostly peeling paint and aged pre restored condition panels line the interior. The headliner is what appears to be foam carpet padding which is tightly secured to the roof and has some rusted crossmembers to make sure it stays in. In back are dual swinging doors for easy cargo access.

Like a fresh dollop of whipped cream on a 3 day old piece of pie, the 5.3 liter V8 is taking up every rusted inch of the engine bay. This has EFI and a 460LE 4-speed automatic on the back. A 10-bolt Chevy S-10 rear takes the brunt of power emanating forth from this beautiful mill, all wrapped in rusted corroded dripping glory metal engine bay, but not a touch of any wear on this pristine monster within I just described.

Again no fooling around on the structural aspect, suspension and mechanicals underneath, as a Mustang II front end is now on complete with rack and pinion steering, and good solid leaf springs for the rear. Like new power disc brakes are on front, and power drums for the rear with a turbo muffler and shiny pipes snaking their way past solid steel framing and floorpans as well as rockers.

Upon first impression you'll either love it or hate it. Once you drive it though you begin to “get it” and its merely the rat rod look that is fooling you. The power plant and drivetrain as well as suspension is no fooling around with gobs of power to shake some of the rust off the outside, and your brain upon a push of the accelerator to the floor. Smooth shifting and actually rattle free cruising has been achieved all the while have it looking like it was sitting outside since it was purchased from the dealer. A great driver.

It's the look, it's the story (which you will make totally up), and it's the movement in car artistry, which is on this metal canvas, from 1948 Chevrolet. Rat Rodding at its finest on the beat up look end, and on the pristine well oiled mechanical end neatly hidden underneath all that rust! A super cool build, well thought out, and very sound on the mechanicals even of it “don't look it”.

8-Atlanta, GA Assy Plant
P-3100 Series 1/2 Ton
D-April Build
3801-Sequential Unit Number

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