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1969 Plymouth Road Runner

1969 Plymouth Road Runner

A barn find is a classic car, aircraft or motorcycle that has been rediscovered after being stored, often in derelict condition. The term comes from their tendency to be found in places such as barns, sheds, carports and outbuildings where they have been stored for many years. The term usually applies to vehicles that are rare and valuable, and which are consequently of great interest to collectors and enthusiasts despite their poor condition.

In the dictionary under barn find is a picture of this classic muscle car. It has been rediscovered after many years of storage in the consignors' barn. It is in somewhat derelict condition, however don't be fooled, as we here at Classic Auto Mall went to great extents to pull it out of its “capsule” and put it on our showroom floor exactly as it was found (well, we did air up the tires) we did not even wash it, its that good! We give you the one and only original 1969 Plymouth Road Runner, by the numbers and by sight as we see it. Prepare to be impressed!

Untouched for many years, and it remains that way, we see all original body panels repainted in their factory Bronze Fire Metallic paint. Panels are very straight, and gaps are still excellent. The actual paint suffers from all the faults time can throw at it but remains presentable. Some rust bubbling is seen around the rear quarters, and battle scars are on the back near the rear bumper and surrounding the roll pan around the bumper. The front bumper remains excellent as does the grille, very utilitarian, no flashy presentation, just pure factory. This is in front of a N96 fresh air hood. The rear bumper is ailing a bit from the aging process, as it probably was closer to the weather outside which sometimes can be frightful! The hardtop is covered in original vinyl and shows no underlying rust. Trimmings for this top do show wear and some rust, but mostly just collected accumulated debris from sitting for so long. 15-inch aluminum slots are on all 4 corners and are wrapped up front by G60-15 Goodyear Polyglass GT tires, and on back G60-15 Joie Chitwood (remember him?) Revenger Tires. Original hubcaps are with this car as well as are 3 of the body colored original steel wheels.

Trim code says H2T so that gives us a wonderful tan and copper mix of interior coverings. Starting with the door panels we have Bronze Fire Metallic sills then a horizontal line of trim, then some horizontal tan vinyl, then some bronze vinyl with the door armrests and actuator, as well as window cranks. Underneath, which is another line of tan vinyl, and below more Bronze Fire Metallic painted metal with no rust seen on the jambs underneath. Inside a split back bench with tan inserts tucked and rolled, and smooth exterior bolsters in gold. A gold center divider is on each seat front and back, and not to forget the rear has a bench. The all original dash shows a lineup of gauges and clock deleted on far right. Below a line of more toggles, lights flashers and wipers, a wiper wash button, and a dome light dimmer. Fronting this area is the steering wheel with a centrally badged roadrunner cartoon...Beep ! Beep! The center of the dash is where the radio is mounted and this one in lieu of knobs uses vertically oriented dials. The headliner is like new in a darker tan, and flooring is covered with stain free brown carpeting. A note to the trunk where there is no liner, an original red line spare tire with original wheel with jack and stand wrapped in a sheet.

Our resident decoder crawled over this car like a gaggle of ants on a piece of candy on the sidewalk. He came up with gold (actually Bronze Metallic) and in the engine department this nugget: 426 Hemi V8, 10-1-68 block casting date, Accel Distributor. A dual 4-barrel carb setup with the front carb 4619S Carter C4 hemi-carb, and 4621 Rear carb Carter C4. The intake is 2780543, and 2780544 2X 4-barrel 1969-1971 hemi. A 3-speed automatic A727 HD Torque-flite transmission is on back, and an 8-3/4 inch 3.55 sure grip (tagged 3.55) rear axle. Even down to the exhaust manifolds with numbers 2780508 G1 341843 all correct! See our pictures for all stamping dates and codes.

Plenty of patina, some road dirt, and just pure 1969 era technology with the unibody, floorpans, and rockers. Torsion bar suspension is up front, and leaf springs for the rear with Hurst air shocks on the rear too. Drum brakes are on all 4 corners.

We did not drive this example as currently we do not want to mess with the engine, as after its long hibernation some preparations are necessary. That will be for the lucky buyer to be able to investigate.

Wow! is one word to describe the metal, vinyl, rubber, fuel, and stories that sit in front of my eyes in our showroom. Another is originality backed up by the numbers, stampings , tags and codes, and even a build sheet was found while crawling around, along with a few other gems which shall remain anonymous for now, but may add to the story of this car. As is kids, get in line, first come first served!

M-Medium Price Class
23-2 Door Hardtop
J-426ci 2X4bbl Hemi V8 425hp
A-Lynch Rd, MI Assy Plant
256700-Sequential Unit Number

RM23-Roadrunner 2 Door Hardtop
E74-426ci Hemi V8 2X4bbl 425hp
D32-HD 727 Torqueflite
409-April 9th 1969
107486-Order Number
T5-Bronze Fire Metallic
H2T-Tan Vinyl Bench Seat
T7-Burnished Bronze Upper Door Frame
1X-Black Vinyl Top
N96-Fresh Air Hood
26-26" Radiator
922-426ci Hemi V8 2Xx4bbl Automatic Transmission Orange
594-8 3/4" 3.55 Rear Axle
094-HD 727 Torqueflite
051-Gate #
264175-Sequence #
9A256700-Partial VIN

9A256700 (Vin Stamp) MN426267614641 A+E✠ (MN Marysville MI Engine Plant, 426 Cubic Inch, 2676 Sunday November 24th 1968, 14641 Sequence Number) A+E✠. WT Stamping On Top Of Block

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