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1931 Ford

Model A Coupe


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Engine Size
350 V8
Transmission Type
3 Speed Automatic

1931 Ford Model A Coupe

1931 Ford Model A Coupe

It takes a certain amount of faith to dive headlong into a do-it-yourself, traditional hot rod build project, especially one that begins with a basket-case shell of an old Ford. Faith that you'll find the parts you need. Faith that you can marry disparate — and sometimes ancient — components into some cohesive whole. Faith that the end result will not only move under its own power but do so safely, while looking good, too. Many of us have this dream. We know a lot of people with garages full of old parts. But not everyone has the skills and patience to put them all together.

For consignment, in classic style, a fender-less 5-window coupe rodded to excellence, old school through and through, a hot engine under the open hood, and some flames painted on. I'm behind the wheel and ready for the girl in the polka dot skirt to drop the handkerchief! Named the “Duckworth Special '', in honor of the consignor's brother, and he also gets lucky number 7. Zoom!

All steel covers this classic with a black flamed hood (top only) and white body named the “Duckworth Special” complete with a racing number 7, rounded tail and 5-window roof. Gaps are looking good, and it reminds me of the early stock car days at the Reading Fairgrounds dirt track oval where we would show up with our brimless felt hats airbrushed with our favorite car and driver, and smell the burnt racing gas and feel the dirt. Those racers would work that steering wheel to get the cars to float into the turns never getting out of the throttle. This car harkens back to that great time but is reserved for the street. Some chrome trimmings like the football helmet guard chrome bumper, flared bar “protectors” in front of the rear wheels, headlight casings and bezels, and 15-inch shiny wheel covers. On the back of the rounded tail is a nicely painted pinstripe flourish, along with dual pipes peering out of the bottom. And the green flag waves, with a roar of accelerating engines all vying for the front, kicking up the dust.

Opening the small simple doors, we see some charcoal gray vinyl smooth outer panels with a tuck and roll gray broadcloth bordered by red piping. This provides an excellent threshold for the cockpit, which sports nice bomber style buckets covered in black smooth vinyl bolsters and more tuck and roll gray broadcloth inserts, and more red piping. Beautiful tweed low cut pile carpeting creates a calm sea for the seats to float in. Upfront a red topped dash with white flourish pinstripes curves upward around an eye shaped dash front painted in black and in a full metal jacket. A series of white faced gauges evenly curved and soaked out in the center, along with a few simple knobs and pulls, and it's fully dressed and ready for the party. A shout out to the trunk where a collection of vintage sponsor and racing stickers abounds harkening back to the days of Sinclair gas, Hooker Headers, Sugar City Speed Shop, and the obligatory pin up gals.

With a Comp Cam inserted, and lubed by synthetic oil, a 350ci V8 sits snugly under the open sided front of this car. The black flames lick at a Holley 4-barrel carburetor, nice headers, supple hoses and wires, Edelbrock valve covers, and an electric fan to keep it all cool during a hot race. On the back is a TH350 transmission in 3-speed automatic form and a Ford 9-inch rear with Moser axles.

A dropped front axle with disc brakes is up front with transverse leaf sprung suspension. On back is a 4 link with coil over suspension and drum brakes. All solid, rust free steel, and all looking structurally sound. Glasspack style mufflers are on, and overall, it's a very clean environment.

A race car styled classic looker rod, stepping inside its quiet luxurious. A quick starter with a roar and it was off to the test track, where I had so much fun, I took it to the streets of Morgantown, PA. Here it turned heads, turned on a dime, and people stopped and really looked, as the car came to a smooth stop at the traffic light in the old town. I even had one person shout Reading Fairgrounds! So, see…. I was correct in my assessment.

A classic rod looking like a classic dirt track car, but with comforts of a nice interior, and classy wheel covers, and no dirt anywhere. Just the look is enough and with the power it has you will be more than satisfied to be tooling through your neighborhood, stirring up the dust and leaves on the suburban streets, shades of the old Fairgrounds dirt track. Lucky Seven, “Duckworth Special”.

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