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1955 Cadillac

Series 62 Convertible


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Engine Size
331 V8
Transmission Type
4 Speed Automatic

1955 Cadillac Series 62 Convertible

1955 Cadillac Series 62 Convertible

Superlative reputation in any field of endeavor is historically slow in the making. At the summit of the automaker's craft was the undisputed “Standard of the World”. Cadillac made the competition appear as a mere “pied-à-terre” in the luxury car arena. Exquisite craftsmanship, attention to detail, elegance second to none…with a poised dignity which was the hallmark of every Cadillac, made it the most desired dream car in the entire world.

Harley Earl's tail fin had become a Cadillac trademark. The Coupe DeVille's pillar-less roofline added a svelte sweeping look and the towering tail fins makes our consignment look longer and more elegant. This 2-owner car is in excellent condition, drives like a sweet dream, and has enough luxury conveniences that you need to get a stick to shake at them! With all the trappings of the amenities that are all standard when associated with a Cadillac, this was indeed a very successful person's car, right here for the taking in the hallowed halls of Classic Auto Mall. Can you say success?!

Dipped in Azure Blue, steel slabbed big panels adorn the body on frame construction of this beautiful beast. Gaps are minded well and are mostly ding free. There are a few areas of concern, particularly under the bottom of the doors which have invasive rust that will need attention. Paint throughout is shiny and nice, with a few chips in various places upon closer inspection. Chrome trimmings, of which there are aplenty, show some dimpling and early signs of rust. Overall, though, the chrome is very nice for the big bumpers and the dazzling chrome “dagmars” back to the kicked-up tail fins, this genre epitomizes the Cadillac brand eminently. A wrap around windshield with a big structural surround all shined up allows a resting point for the white convertible top to sit in the up position. If you really want the total “look” for this car, put the top down, and stand at either side, and you will then be able to define the word impressive! Through the bumper exhaust ports are on back, and these look up to the taillights perched on top of the fins. Wide whites wrap 15-inch chrome wire wheels which are nearly perfect and on all 4 corners.

With the top down, let's swing the two big doors and see what our wandering eyes encounter….Blue and white door panels with white uppers housing a horizontal ribbed panel which has the window toggles, door actuator, and wing-window crank. Below is a blue panel that has an elongated V chevron and a chromed Caddy crown inserted, and a sleek molded in are rest /door pull. Some wear is noted on these pulls with cracking and crazing at the edges. A little bit of wavy unevenness also in the lower parts of the blue, and at the bottom a chromed trim piece also a bit wavy. Moving inside, a chromed “tub” frames the front split back bench which has a solid blue leather insert and white tuck and roll bolster surrounds. A crack in the leather revealing the padding is on the driver's upper back and some wear is noted on the blue inserts. The rear bench stretches from side to side and is on good condition showing slight spotting creating a lighter spot on the blue leather. This 6-passenger seating all floats in a sea of blue carpet which is clean and shows slight wear. A very simple dash sits behind the original big two-tone steering wheel with a center “Dagmar” with an embedded gold badge in a light blue field. The dash top is blue padded and sports a sentinel for auto headlight dimming to drivers left. Below the blue padded dash top is a white metal panel with some more horizontal ribbed chrome accenting. Some paint peeling is seen on the ashtray door. Looking in the trunk we see a speckled spray liner with some underlying rust, and a spare tire.

This 1955 Series 62 Coupe DeVille is powered by Cadillac's 16-valve 331ci V8 engine. Among its highlights were a new combustion chamber, a higher 9.0:1 compression ratio, new valve and port design which improves breathing efficiency, and increased torque-thrust. The engine is built with a cast iron block and cylinder heads, and it runs in five main bearings. A single 4-bbl carburetor Carter WCFB 2185S is on top feeding fossils and air to the mill. Our engine is equipped with equalized manifolding, hydraulic valve lifters, a mechanical fuel pump, intake silencer, automatic choke, and a dual exhaust system. The engine looks good with slight surface rust on a few parts. A 4-speed Hydramatic automatic transmission is on back.

Plenty of patina and various stages of surface rust are underneath. Some invasive rust has taken over at the very rear of the car under the bumper and shows signs of prior repair, on the spare tire bump below, and rear rockers near the wheel wells at the back. Extensive invasive rust is seen on the backs of the lower front wheel wells with metal chipping off at these points. One of the floorpans has been replaced with a newer rust-free panel. Independent coil springs for the front and leaf springs with 4 wheel power drum brakes are seen beneath as well.

It fired up and was readied for the test drive. Top down, and all warmed up I was off! Like riding on a magic carpet with the Hotchkiss Drive cushions, she accelerated smoothly, had plenty of power, and cruised nicely. I did notice some extensive planning needs to be made on your stopping, as the brakes took a while to bring this big daddy to a full stop. The back passenger window is inoperable, as is the radio.

Looking fine and fancy with a few areas of wear and concern for rust that can be mitigated if done soon. Otherwise this land yacht floats along with impressive design, big fins and big chrome, and it's a convertible that looks fab with that top down. Plus, it drives great with some pre planning on your stopping point.

62-Series 62
84221-Sequential Unit Number

STYLE NO 6267X-Series 62 Convertible
BODY NO 6107-Detroit Body #
TRIM NO 32-Lt Blue Leather, White Leather
PAINT NO 22-Azure Blue
TOP 4-White
E-Ez Eye Glass
Y-Power Seat

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