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1949 Mercury

Eight Coupe


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Engine Size
350ci Ramjet V8
Transmission Type
3 Speed Automatic

1949 Mercury Eight Coupe

1949 Mercury Eight Coupe

In automotive usage, a lead sled is a standard production automobile with a body heavily modified in particular ways (see below); especially, though not exclusively, a 1949, 1950 or 1951 model year Ford 'Shoebox' or Mercury Eight car. In the name, "lead" (as in the heavy metal) refers to the heavy weight of the body, and "sled" refers to the lowering of the vehicle, giving these vehicles the appearance that they were "slip sliding" down the highway.

For consignment an automotive work of art taking this big Merc 8 and doing some shaving, frenching, chopping, nosing, decking, and then add in some licking flames on a two tone paint job and this car could be in the dictionary as an example illustrating the word cool.

This wild creation Frankenstein's numerous parts to make up a rolling sculpture and unique look. A 1953 Chevrolet grille has been seamlessly molded into a custom grill shell. The headlights have been frenched, and the hood has rounded corners and a grouping of louvers on top. A 1953 DeSoto has donated its front and rear bumpers for this project. Moving to the sides we see the all original sheet metal, which sports a late model Mustang molded in door handles, 1953 side trim courtesy of a donor Buick, and the top has been neatly chopped 3-1/2 inches and retains its original line and trimmings, just all a bit shorter! On the sides is also a quick descending swoop trim that runs from the top of the front wheel well, to just behind the front door, diving and dying at the rocker. This panel created within is painted white base coat with a clear coat. Lake pipes hang below the rocker, and some snazzy fender skirts work with the mechanical air rise system which is on all 4 corners, adding to the low and slow look. The back looking like an extruded bubble has a rounded trunk lid matching the curve of the rear quarters, and just below that 53 DeSoto bumper, some rectangular tailpipe chrome. All details for the paint which is a deep blue and over painted with a custom flame job licking rearward. Wheel covers are a complex design with a bullet center hum, all wrapped in wide whites.

The interior is not to be outdone by the exterior, so it artfully utilizes blue and buttercream vinyl which undulates across the door panels then makes its way on to the multi powered seats which are overstuffed buckets. These use the two tone vinyl as well, and have buttercream inserts and electric blue bolsters. Keeping in the tradition of leaving nothing to the original and making it totally custom, the center console has been artfully fabricated to house a glovebox, dual cup holders, and as it rises to the metal dash Vintage A/C controls, an AM/FM/CD player and some round vents. The dash is custom too with a blue dash top, and a white dash front with all new gauges save for the central round speedo, all lined up and white faced round styling. The original large two toned steering wheel in buttercream and electric blue quarters, has a shiny central horn ring and is a LeCarra wheel. Like new blue carpet floods the floors, and a tight blue headliner is above. A note to power steering, power windows, power brakes, and multi directional power seats.

Under the slotted rounded hood is an engine bay to die for. It is meticulously restored and then a 350ci Chevrolet V8 piece of automotive jewelry has been plopped in. Gleaming is an understatement with a RamJet topper, chromed valve covers, chromed master cylinder braided stainless hoses, new wires and numerous bolt ons blinging for your attention. On the back is a TH350 3-speed automatic using power rearward to a 2.79 rear axle 10 bolt. Definitely takes the lead out of the sled if you get my drift!

This car just laughs at you when you even try to mention rust, as underneath there is none! A blasted X frame holds up solid with black floor pans and rockers. Seen also is the Air ride system fully controllable from the dash with the touch of a button. Also is a stainless gas tank, stainless exhaust, and stainless fuel and brake lines. A Fat Man front end, and 2-inch drop spindles go with the low and slow motif. Disc brakes are upfront and drum brakes for the back, all power assisted.

A climb inside and you will be Buck Rogers in your bulbous rocket ship in 1949 form, highly modified. Snuggle in and fasten your belts as we are ready for launch, and you can feel the G forces having their effects on your body. The RamJet V8 has loads of launch and even cruises nicely at low RPM. All is working just swimmingly on this mod rod.

We see some real doozies here at Classic Auto Mall and not the Duesenberg kind, but true works of art, and this one we are proud to hang(out) in our hallowed halls. A beautiful total custom over the top build that gives attention to every detail…can you tell I'm Twitterpated??!

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