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1973 Buick



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Engine Size
455 V8
Transmission Type
3 Speed Automatic

1973 Buick Riviera

1973 Buick Riviera

Car and Driver, a magazine not usually noted for unstinting praise of American luxury cars, admitted that “the Riviera is different from the other big Buicks, and it stands alone among American cars in providing a combination of luxury, performance and general roadworthiness that approaches Bentley Continental standards at less than half the price.”

Old school and very cool would best describe this boat tail piece of 1973 Detroit Iron. Throw in a big 455ci V8 with a complete rebuild in 2014, lots of working power options, a killer design for this 1973 car named for the exotic location the styling emulates and make it large and in charge. Folks we have a luxury yet sporty, racy yet luxurious, exotic yet affordable piece of the tri shield history, all looking super fly, and ultra-chic. This is one baaaaaad mother f… Shut your mouth!

Cue the wah wah pedal guitar and 25 piece orchestra, we will feature a sex machine from 1973 draped in Midnight Blue, with ultra straight panels, and well minded gaps with absolutely no rust to be found. With its V front grille dual dual headlights and wrap around parking lighting and signals and corresponding lower bumper, it's just the beginning of greatness. Scan your eyes along that long hood, and long front quarters, and you will get a sense of the designer's pen and what exactly it was accomplishing in true metal form. A long swooping trim spear runs from stem to stern breaking for just past the door panel and then taking an upward arch around the rear wheel well-being emulated by the rear window surround prior to it moving to the B pillar. From here rearward the sloping boat tail back takes over with a curved angled inward shaped glass, the boat tail and wide rear bumper with integrated taillights. The side view says it all on this machine with nice rally wheels, and medium wide whites on all 4 corners, beautiful chrome, and overall, very nice paint. Can you dig it?

A flip of the door and the glow of electric sex continues with blue vinyl and inlayed wood appliqué panels, along with metal plates that house all the toggles and power controls for the drivers fingertips. Peering inside we see the definition of early 70's design in the broadcloth with shiny background and matte stitching fleur design on the blue seats. For the front are a split bench complete with armrest, and full bench for the back. An angular wood appliqué dash with blue padded vinyl accenting wraps around the driver's area with all the necessary gauges and controls. Blue carpeting covers the floors and a blue vinyl headliner hangs tightly above. Right on baby!

Under that long hood sits a rebuilt in 2014 455ci V8 original engine which is nicely detailed and shows slight wear, but ultra clean in the bay. Fossils and air flow through a like new Rochester 4bbl carburetor. In 2018 the TH400 three speed automatic transmission was rebuilt, and this throws power rearward to a 10-bolt 2.93 geared rear axle. Who's the cat that won't cop out when you put the pedal to the metal? 455 that's who!

Some slight surface rust, but overall, very sound and neatly packaged with a like new exhaust system, riding on independent front suspension and a 4 link coil spring rear we have a cloud quality ride. Stopping is accomplished by power disc brakes in the front and power drums in the rear. Overall, very good looking underneath.

With its recent rebuilds and upgrades, driving was a no brainer, and it handled the test track with a blue (Midnight Blue) ribbon. All power controls are functioning, A/C is not installed and has a few parts for it in the trunk. The radio has been reworked and stereo speakers have been added to the back of the passenger compartment.

Overall an excellent condition phat cat car from early 1970's, and interior to die for, and exterior styling curved like the girl from Ipanema. Sporty yet luxurious, and the 455ci V8 delivers ahead of time! You're damn right, you sex machine for all the chicks.

87-2 Door Hardtop
U-455ci V8 4bbl Dual Exhaust
H-Flint, MI Assy Plant
430938-Sequential Unit Number

ST 73 4EY87-1973 Buick Riviera
BDY FL1 058568-Flint Body #
TR 681-Blue
PNT 29-Midnight Blue Poly
AM6-60/40 Split Bench Seat

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