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1963 Studebaker

Transtar Starmaster Pickup


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Engine Size
289 V8
Transmission Type
5 Speed W/OD

1963 Studebaker Transtar Starmaster Pickup

1963 Studebaker Transtar Starmaster Pickup

The 1963-model 8E-series trucks went into production on August 31, 1962, after the Studebaker truck plant had been shut down for a full six weeks. There were a few changes and improvements in the 8E-series trucks. All V8-powered trucks got a new engine block with a full-flow oil filter. Despite being diagnosed with cancer, Sherwood Egbert continued his frenetic pace at the helm of Studebaker. He was convinced that there was a market for diesels in medium-duty trucks, so Studebaker introduced a new line of diesel-powered 1-ton (8E15) and 1½-ton (8E25) trucks for 1963. They were powered by the 3-cylinder, 97-horsepower, Detroit Diesel model 3-53 engine. Unfortunately, it would be another twenty years before a U.S. market for such trucks developed, and sales of these models were disappointing. As Fred Fox has remarked “As has been said of Studebaker so often, they were just too far ahead of their times, and in this case the saying was absolutely correct.”

For consignment a vehicle where you can be the only one on your block, or maybe even the state, that has this example of the 1963 Studebaker Transtar Starmaster 1-ton pickup chassis now with the back bed being replaced with a stake body frame in wood. I guess one could say it's called a 'Stude Staker!

The beneficiary of a frame off restoration this truck was 100 percent redone according to the consigner. An 8E-13 model rated at 1 ton. A massive front grille painted in white frames the front and sports 3 large “teeth” with a single headlight on either side. A wide chrome bumper below which is near perfect protects this front, as does the vented hood flanked by the rounded front fenders with the turn signal lights atop. A single pane of glass windshield and cab lighting above along with straight doors with well minded gaps and a large chrome mirror hanging on either side, is a nice contrast to the red exterior, and believe me when I say red, as it is DEEP RED! On the rear flatbed which is total oak board varnished to perfection within a strong black painted metal frame then side push through strapping that holds the vertical wood “beams” with their wider horizontal wood slats which sections can be removed at random. Next to the cab is a custom-built toolbox framed in oak, and it has an aluminum panel to protect against cargo hitting it in front of the bed. A large frame is behind this and frames the rear glass on the cab. Diamond plate shined to the nines is the back roll-on that houses the taillights and marker lighting. A tow package is on, and the rear wheels are for dual tires, the fronts are large steel wheels with central bolts, just like the big rigs.

As noted everything was redone and with a swing of the doors you are greeted with a beige molded vinyl panel which has the pull, window crank, and door actuator levers within this beige panel. Surrounding it is straight red steel. Floating on black rubber floors is a wide full-length bench in beige vinyl with no marks or tears. The dash has the instrument cluster to drivers left and also shows a column mounted tachometer with an original large black steering wheel on top of this column. In the center is the “climatizer controls” and on the passenger side a black painted glovebox which floats in a field of the red steel dash front. Shifting is courtesy a long floor shifter, and all is really nice inside.

Just stunningly restored with a pristine black block in the form of a 289ci V8 topped with a single 2-barrel carburetor. Yellow valve covers add to the look and contrast nicely with the shiny red painted engine bay. Noted also are all supple shiny hoses, corrosion free bolt ons and all new wiring. On the back of the 289 is a 5-speed manual transmission complete with overdrive. This pushes power rearward to the duelies that are held together by a Dana 60 rear.

Too big for our lift, however a peek underneath and we see straight rust free steel nicely coated in black, a stainless steel exhaust muffler system, clean wood framing for the bed, and leaf springs on front and back suspension to carry the load for the front and rear. Big drum brakes are on all 4 corners.

Hopping up into this excellent example of the “Stude staker, she fired right up and idled smoothly. All was working perfectly with this truck, and it runs as well as it looks. This is a true turn-key vehicle fully restored and in the most professional way. Dual rear tires, cab lights and that big front grille you will be just short of a big rig, and if you want to go that route, we have one of those too! This though is way more practical and imagine showing up to a job with this example, talk about getting attention and remaining in a customer's mind!

Excellent sums it up. Need I say more? And I could also mention RARE…