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1935 Ford Model 48 Sedan

1935 Ford Model 48 Sedan

The Model 48 was an update on Ford's V8 powered Model 40A, the company's main product. This 1935 Ford's combination of price, practicality, and looks vaulted the company ahead of rival Chevrolet for the sales crown that year, with 820,000 sold. A thorough refresh on the popular V8 powered Ford. The four-cylinder Model A engine was no longer offered, leaving just the 221ci V8 to power every Ford car and truck.

This consignment, a 1935 Ford Model 48 was originally purchased in 1997 from Escondido, California and brought back east to Virginia to be restored to its present condition. It was used sparingly but mostly spent its time in storage, then purchased by our consigner. The car now has a 1940 Ford Flathead motor which has been completely rebuilt and has just a bit over 100 miles on it. Paint is Ford pickup blue, the frame was cleaned and painted, and in '97 the upholstery was completely redone but has had some moths whom had lunch on certain areas! Definitely worth a look, a great running classic in great condition.

A very attractive Ford pickup blue paint, which was sprayed in 1997, holds up nicely on all panels which are straight and have well minded gaps. The front fenders are fiberglass, as are the running boards, the remainder of the car is steel. A nice V shaped slanted out on the bottom vertical ribbed grille is in the center of bullet style headlights and oval open ended horns on either side. A curved bumper is below and showing some rust. For 1935 Ford began the process of integrating the fenders with the hood cowl, a feature which this car is showing nicely. Nicely curved bars hang from the A pillars and have shiny mirrors atop of these bars. Door handles are nicely preserved, and running boards are covered with black rubber. The back doors open in suicide form with the latches sharing the B pillar with the front doors. A humpback design for the trunk, which shows as missing a few chromed latches on either side. A like new spare tire is mounted below the trunk lid and is flanked by taillights on stalks and sporting round chromed bezels. Below, an eyebrow curved bumper frames the bottom of the rear of this car but has some severe rusting on the finish. Yellow Kelsey Hayes contrasting wire wheels with a V8 chromed hub cap, are wrapped by wide whites all around.

A swing of the doors and we have plenty of buttercream mohair covering the door panels and old couch like bench seats. A few areas of moth damage can be seen although they are small. A nice exterior body matching metal dash fronts the passenger seating, and has the original gauges within it, and is fronted by a nice polished bakelite steering wheel in black. It appears as though new floorpans have been installed as they are not covered with any carpet and you can discern the new from the old which remains with primer on it. C pillars and headliner show some extensive water damage, and the rear bench seat has more moth damage.

Lifting the cowl is a 1940 Ford Flathead V8 which has been completely rebuilt. All is looking good with nicely presenting heads, a single carburetor atop with a new paper air cleaner, and all new wiring. A 3-speed manual transmission is on back.

Clean and mean is the description for the undercarriage. A cancer free frame and floors present very nicely. All body hangers are accounted for and structurally sound. Upgraded 4-wheel hydraulic drum brakes, courtesy of a 1940 Ford, bring this car to a whoa! Transverse leaf springs give a comfortable ride from both front and rear suspensions. All buttoned up and ready for the road down here.

Due to the rebuild this car started right up and on the test track performed nicely. All was solid with steering and brakes, and functions were functioning!

Save for the rust on the bumpers, the body is in great shape on this car. Paint is nice and other chrome trimmings are good, as well as it has all new glass installed. There are also some new uninstalled parts that will come with this car including those trunk latches, polished 2 deuce manifold with 2 new 94 carbs, a new carb linkage, a 6 to 12 volt conversion kit, as well as complete new carpet and pad materials for the interior. The total package that you can complete and make this car even nicer!

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