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1934 Ford

Model 40 3 Window Coupe


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Engine Size
427 V8
Transmission Type
4 Speed Manual

1934 Ford Model 40 3 Window Coupe

1934 Ford Model 40 3 Window Coupe

In March of 1932 the Ford Motor Company introduced the new Model 40 V8. V8 engines had been used for many years but they were expensive to produce and drove the cost of the vehicle into territory that only a few could afford. The cylinder block casting process was complicated. Ford, however, found a way to mass-produce the V8 engines making them the first low-priced V8 engines on the market. The cylinders were cast 'en block', meaning in one piece, which was a rather simple process resulting in inexpensive prices. The V8 engines went through their teething problems mainly because the engines were rushed into production. They were prone to overheating, cracked blocks and piston and bearing failures. Once these problems were corrected, the engines proved their potential and stayed in production for the next twenty years.

For consignment, a street rod version of the Model 40 3-window coupe from the blue oval. This beauty checks all the boxes for a wonderful final presentation…paint, powerful engine, beautiful interior, and plenty of shiny chrome trimmings to contrast the metallic paint. She's a looker and a cooker, all reliable, and a turnkey classic no wrenching required!

From its perfect curved and shiny bumper which protects a shield style vertical ribbed grille flanked by a large single chromed bezeled headlight on either side, cowled hood, suicide doors and a curvaceous rear that will make Marilyn Monroe green with envy, this is a fabulous build. All bathed in Metallic Maroon paint with nary a mark on it, and definitely the deep end of the pool. Throw in some exterior fenders that look like they have been fashioned from hours on an English wheel, a nifty running board, and a set of 4 AR Shelby 427 15x7 and 15x8 respectively in front and rear, all polished to beat the band, and now we are talkin'! Throw in dual chromed side view circular mirrors, wrap the front window with beautiful trim and a chromed single wiper, a vinyl insert into the metal top, perfect glass, side mounted chromed running lights and french curve door handles, and you my friend, are arriving in high style with some chutzpah under the hood.

Two tone butterscotch and tan with a peppering of browns all in Ultraleather which covers the door panels, overstuffed bench seat with tuck and roll inserts and puffy bolsters, call on comfort city! A perfectly painted metal dash and dash front houses a grouping of gauges with analog pointers, white faces, and a digital odometer readout. A large chromed adjustable steering column fronts this dash and is topped by a wood lacquered burl rimmed banjo style steering wheel. A shout out to the carpet which is pristine brown with tan woven on edging. There is a rear (behind the seats) storage area also carpeted and wrapped in Ultraleather. The headliner has an embossed Ford oval within it and shows in light tan. Power windows have been added. A shout out to the trunk with nice carpet, more embossing with a V8 badge on the vertical rear trunk panel, and just as nice as the interior.

A lift of the cowl and what to my wandering eyes does appear but none other than a Ford Racing Boss 427ci V8. Inside has been placed a Scat forged crank, Scat forged I beam rods, Mahle forged pistons, and a hydraulic roller cam .580i/.602e lift. Ford racing provides the M6049-X306 aluminum heads. On top is a gaggle of Weber carbs, 4 to be exact, with intake tubes stretching towards the heavens, and providing plenty of air and fossils for this hungry 427ci monster. On back a Toploader transmission and on the way back a Winters 9-inch rear. Also seen are plenty of chromed bolt ons, supple hoses, an electric fan setup, 427 Cobra valve covers, and silver headers snaking to the undercarriage. Cue the undercarriage section!

Thank you very much drivetrain, and any build of this quality one would only expect the best underneath and you're gonna get it. Magnaflow stainless steel mufflers, body matching frame paint for the driveshaft, frame and body hangers below the running boards. Floorpans are now all buttoned up and structurally sound and certainly rust free. Heidts Mustang II style front suspension is on along with power disc brakes on front. On the back are leaf springs and drum brakes.

Hopping in through the suicide doors I was Al Capone all over again with my shiny painted, fully chromed, getaway car. I fired up the 427 cubes and it was off to the test track with a neck snapping push of the accelerator. Here she performed flawlessly, with straight panic stopping (I always test this first!), easy steering, good handling, and plenty of power at your toe tips. All functions were working, and talk about turning heads…

A meticulous build, no stone left unturned on this beautifully designed car right out of 1934 and Henry's factory. Plenty of bling, lots of excellent paint, a snappy interior and trunk, and of course the power plant is unmatched with its add ons and extras, and it looks fab to boot! Tons of receipts for this build and a front bra and car cover are included to keep it pristine. With this power you will be sacrificing some bugs on any trip so slip the bra on…

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