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1933 Buick

50 Series Sedan


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Engine Size
230 I8
Transmission Type
3 Speed Manual

1933 Buick 50 Series Sedan

1933 Buick 50 Series Sedan

In the midst of the Great Depression, Buick had somehow managed to fall from third in the industry to a lackluster eighth. Although the automobile industry as a whole suffered, it's been theorized that the Flint automaker's decline was attributed to their designs of the early 1930s. Yet Buick's higher price structure certainly had a lasting effect, especially when the B-O-P dealer network could sell more affordable Pontiacs at a faster rate. Whatever the reason, there are many collectors today who appreciate the fine Flint styling and increased horsepower of this troubled era, such as this 1933 Model 57 sedan.

For consignment a barn find version of the 50 Series sedan in Model 57 form. A large and in charge kind of car, plenty of room in back for your driver to shuttle you and your mates around. This car probably has a history which includes a Doctor within it, as many country docs avoided Cadillacs as their patients would think they are charging too much, so even in times of depression, this Buick was a top seller.

All steel panels are bathed in faded black and have a “gangster look” to their design. Flared front fenders flank a single small bullet style chromed cased headlight, which hang off of either side of the shield shaped grille. Dual chromed faded horns are just below the headlights, and a single faded and rusted bumper frames the bottom of the front of this car. Moving back the long hood, we can see the inception of the iconic Buick hood vents in the sides of the cowled hood. Resting comfortably next to this hood and embedded within the fenders, are spare tires with spoked wheels on either side. The roof is canvas and shows some lifting on the corners but shows no tears. All the glass is clear, trimmings are dimpled and dappled with rust spotting. The back of the car has a fold down luggage storage rack which lowers to another simple rear bumper heavily involved with rust. Painted on pinstriped steel artillery style spoked wheels are on all 4 corners, and sport a long since faded chrome cap with a Buick badge.

Yards of mohair in gray and tan cover the benches and door panels. Plenty of wear and rotting are seen on the front bench and the rear bench is virtually gone. Door panels and headliner have water damage and tears. An original black painted metal dash has a panel of rounded gauges in front of the original steering wheel on the driver's side. On the passenger side is a glovebox door with an embedded clock. Paint on this dash is chipped, scratched and worn throughout. Floors have dry rotted carpet all around.

Under the hood is an inline 8-cylinder in 230ci configuration and size. This mill has a 1-barrel carburetor on top, and a 3-speed manual transmission on back. Currently the engine does not run.

Series 50 models were slightly refreshed in the form of a longer 119-inch wheelbase frame, complete with a new, much stronger "X" crossmember. Although the semi-elliptic leaf-sprung suspension system supporting it seemed unaltered, the length and number of individual leaves within each front spring assembly were altered to compensate for the wheelbase alteration; the front I-beam axle was accompanied by king pins. Internal expanding mechanical brakes were still in use, with 12-inch drums, which could have been hidden behind those steel artillery-style wheels. Surface rust is prevalent, and it appears as though a new fuel tank has been put on. Frame and body hangers have surface rust, but these remain structurally sound.

A beautifully designed body and interior, now in need of some serious TLC. Steel body panels have been stretched over wood, and the underlying condition is unknown without taking the car apart to look. With a look though, as this car could be classified as a survivor, despite its interior condition.

Please note, this vehicle does not come with a battery.

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