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1948 Plymouth

Special Deluxe Convertible


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Engine Size
218 ci L-Head I6
Transmission Type
3 Speed Manual

1948 Plymouth Special Deluxe Convertible

1948 Plymouth Special Deluxe Convertible


Old cars have gotten a bad reputation lately as being a rich man's game; news reports and TV shows depicting cars passing over the auction block for literally millions of dollars can easily put that impression in peoples' heads. Happily, like so much of what passes for ''reality TV'' and ''news'' these days, most of it is orchestrated hokum, and an example of the bank-draining insanity that can happen when you have a live camera trained on you.

When you say, 40's cars you think of post war pent up spending, but if you look on the pre Jet Age, before those finned beauties, you'll see enough has changed in our cars nearly 70 years on that these machines manage to feel vintage–they transport you to another era. We also need to look at the word ''Deluxe'' which was used by virtually every car manufacturer at one point or another. This car oozes ''Deluxe'' in many ways, like its design, embellishments, interior chrome, and curved lines. All affordable, and a real piece of vintage that will not break the bank. Now that's Deluxe in the flesh of a 1948 Plymouth Special Deluxe, and it's a convertible!

This snazzy design harkening to a simpler time can best be described as being in barn find but patina (being positive) condition. With worn paint and surface rusted steel panels, some missing trimmings, and lots of big chrome, we have landed firmly in 1948. Its nose utilizes a mild V formation in triplicate plus 1 for the grille, and a mildly rusted and dimpled bumper below in this framing. Big wide integrated front fenders, flare inward as they move from the door panels to the front, where they meet in a peaked hood with dual side spears on the bottom of it. A split windshield fronts the convertible top in black canvas and probably one of the newer parts on this car, complete with rear plastic clear window. All rocker trimmings are nonexistent, as are the trunk lock, and gas cap. The rear design of this car curves downward gracefully, and has a single rectangular chrome trimmed on top and bottom taillight, and a well-worn bumper on the bottom. Nicely preserved bog dog dish wheel covers are wrapped by wide white bias ply tires all around.

Dial up the upholsterer as you'll need him on this interior. Striped vinyl with solid inserts and cream bolsters are in need of some TLC on the covering front, and this is true for the front split bench and the rear solid bench. The original dash is still present, however affords many missing parts and knobs, and is essentially a redux. Floor boards are rotted through and have no carpeting. Door panels show up as the stamped steel from the factory with no coverings currently on them.

A 216ci Inline 6-cylinder L head engine in unrestored condition sits under the hood. It has a 1-barrel carburetor on top, and a 3-speed manual transmission on the back. This engine does crank, but does not currently run.

The X frame appears with surface rust but is still solid structurally. Rockers have some invasive rust, as do the floorboards which can be noted from above. Independent front suspension and leaf spring rear is on, and disc brakes are seen all around. A careful look all around and you can note several areas which will need to be addressed on the body invasive rust front.

All steel, all up for consignment, this barn find has uses which will have to be left to the imagination of the potential buyer.

Please note, this vehicle does not come with a battery.

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