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1925 Ford

Model T Tanker Truck


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Engine Size
177 CI
Transmission Type
2 Speed Planetary

1925 Ford Model T Tanker Truck

1925 Ford Model T Tanker Truck

Henry Ford was an innovator and inventor on the fly utilizing every by product the manufacture of his cars would produce. Here is an early example: Henry Ford used wood scraps from the production of Model Ts to make charcoal briquettes. Originally named Ford Charcoal, the name was changed to Kingsford Charcoal after the Iron Mountain Ford Plant closed in 1951 and the Kingsford Chemical Company was formed and continued the wood distillation process. E. G. Kingsford, Ford's cousin by marriage, brokered the selection of the new sawmill and wood distillation plant site. Lumber for production of the Model T came from the same location, built in 1920 called the Iron Mountain Ford which incorporated a sawmill where lumber from Ford purchased land in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan was cut and dried. Scrap wood was distilled at the Iron Mountain plant for its wood chemicals, with the end by product being lump charcoal. This lump charcoal was modified and pressed into briquettes and mass marketed by Ford.

For consignment, an unusual iteration utilizing the Model T frame, cab and front assembly. A tanker which would deliver range oil which is a high boiling distillate for a stove, to various customers so they could keep their house warm during the cold months. This one is in good overall condition, with slight rust, a shiny cowling and front, and a patina cab. All structurally sound…a wonderful historic example.

Using the ubiquitous Model T chassis, front of the car, suspension and hood cowling, from the front it appears as a normal Model T car. However, as you move around one quickly realizes that the squared off cab is there to make room for the large fuel tank mounted to the rear. Curving front fenders roll above the front tires with wood spoked wheels, and slip downward to a shortened running board, now a step up for entry into the cab. Squared off utilitarian fenders hover above the rear and help keep road dirt away from the fuel tank. We can see from this setup it is a gravity fed delivery system, capable of hooking up dual hoses, which do not come with this truck. A metal milk can is mounted on the back as well, presumably for smaller stove deliveries made by hand. All surfaces although not perfect are rust free steel, and there are plenty of characteristic dips, scratches and paint peeling now over sprayed on all metal surfaces.

Very simply appointed with a black vinyl bench seat and back stretching from door to door, a big original steering wheel fronting the original simplistic dash all in metal. Door panels are stamped metal, and floors are all wood which is not rotted. A fold out hinged windshield is noted for airflow. The roof is chickenwire with an insulating material and canvas covering which is rotted mostly off.

A 177ci Inline 4-cylinder engine graces the engine bay. It has a 1-barrel carburetor, and a 3-speed manual transmission on back. The engine turns over but did not start.

Amazingly no real rust and just a bit of surface rust spattered about. Wood is solid, frame is showing no rust and is structurally sound. Leaf spring suspension is all around as are 20-inch spoked wheels, and a set of mechanical drum brakes on the rear

All in all, a seldom seen iteration of the venerable Model T which was pretty much the only car /truck available on a consistent basis at the time, so people ran wild on the modifications. This is no exception, making great use of a solid frame, and reliable engine.

Please note, this vehicle does not come with a battery.

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