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1939 Plymouth


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Figure based on a stock vehicle with OH rates with $100/$300k Liability/UM/UIM limits. Rates vary depending on the state, coverage selected and other factors. Policies underwritten by Essentia Insurance Company. Some coverage and discounts not available in all states. Call 877-922-9701 to speak with a representative or apply online. $160 /YEAR insurance
Engine Size
283 V8
Transmission Type
2 Speed Automatic

1939 Plymouth Deluxe

1939 Plymouth Deluxe

Due to the obvious connection, the Plymouth company made use of the Mayflower logo. This took on several iterations throughout it's lifespan, first appearing on the company logo, then eventually making its way to the hood ornament. This took on the styles of each era, with an Art Deco version, a 40s version with 4 full sails and a locomotive like hunk of chrome, a lighter flamboyant windswept take, a jet age version with the stylized sails within a jet like winged shape, a very sleek version nearly modern art looking more like a barracuda, and just before its demise in 2001, a graphic printed version of the square rigged cargo ship.

For consignment a 1939 Plymouth Deluxe which is in partial restoration state. This car will not run due to a timing chain jumping, has primer exterior, and is a 4-door version of the P7 body style. The hood ornament and trim moldings are missing, the interior has original door panels and late model seats and the original dash has been modernized. A project car awaiting your creative interpretation, whether it be the original interpretation or a snazzy rodder, it is calling out to you!

Steel panels in various states are on this car. Some panels have invasive rust, others dents, and even some attempted body putty repairs are noted throughout. Fancy headlight bezels are now on, a ribbed bumper, wood running boards and rounded fenders are attached. 4 doors need some alignment and TLC, and on the humpback trunk rear, taillights are missing, another ribbed bumper is on, and dual large chrome tipped tailpipes are peeking out from the bottom. Glass is all intact, and wheel covers missing their badges are on all 4 corners.

A swing of the doors and we see blue mohair fabric with original cranks and levers and bakelite bezels and knobs. Late model buckets in fair condition have half coverings on them and now replace the original seats upfront. Bringing up the rear is an armrest bench which is also in blue mohair and is showing wear and tear. Upfront the dash has been modified with simple panels in aluminum, one for the speedo, and the other below the dash for a lineup of VDO white faced gauges. A bit of the original dash remains, and the trimmings show wear and dimpling. There is no headliner, just bare metal, and floors have some carpet and rubber mats.

As noted this engine has a timing chain issue so it does not run. It is not original and is now a 283ci V8 with several years of dust accumulation. On back is a 2-speed automatic, and way back an 8.75 Mopar rear axle.

It appears at one point the body was removed from the frame as we note more primer for the floorpans toe kicks and rockers underneath. The X frame is rust free and remains structurally sound. Corvette disc brakes are now on the front and are power brakes to boot. Rack and pinion steering is here as well. Stock leaf springs are on the back along with power drum brakes.

Much like a team sport, we are now handing the ball off to you to decide what to do with it. You'll need to do some bodywork, engine work, and spiff up the interior, but that is pretty much what the game is all about, searching, wrenching and sanding is a labor of love to bring back this flagship piece of history.

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