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1994 Dodge

Viper RT/10


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Body Color
Engine Size
8.0 Liter V10
Transmission Type
6 Speed Manual

1994 Dodge Viper RT/10

1994 Dodge Viper RT/10

Normally, presenting a prototype to an automotive CEO to sign off on production is a long, grueling process. However, after riding in a prototype Dodge Viper for half an hour, Chrysler CEO Lee Iacocca absolutely loved everything. He even turned to Bob Lutz and told the man, “What are you waiting for?” The rest is history. Lead engineer for the original Viper, Roy Sjoberg, drew inspiration from Lockheed Martin's Skunk Works special division, which designed crazy planes like the SR-71 Blackbird and U-2 spy plane. He wanted to pass that inspiration on to his team so they'd make a special car like nothing Chrysler had ever seen before, which was why he gave everyone a copy of the book Skunk Works by Ben Rich.

Our consigner describes this car as her husband's second baby, a car of his dreams which he was able to attain with hard work and diligence at an early age. Fortunately, he had time to enjoy it immensely prior to his untimely death at age 37. His surviving wife also loves the car but states it is impractical for her to drive a child around in, and it is her sincere hope that the new owner will enjoy this car as much as her husband and the first owner did. We give you a 1994 Viper RT/10, low mileage, beautiful condition always garaged and babied convertible car.

Slithering into our hallowed halls, this car is draped in Viper Red. A true pony design on steroids with its long hooded front section, ending in a large swooped cove and inset doors. All integrated aerodynamically inserted headlights and running lights and oval quad separated grille, the design is iconic in its sports car styling. Just below the doors is a seamless black side piped exhaust melted into the rockers on either side. A wide low bulbous rear with more smooth inserted taillights and signals and a small rounded trunk lid are framed below by another body matching red bumper. The B pillar and roll bar design houses a vertical rear glass, and on top is the black cloth convertible which works flawlessly and opens the cockpit up to the sunshine. 17 inch 3-spoke aluminum wheels appear to be spinning when standing still and are wrapped in BF Goodrich rubber on all 4 corners.

A swing of the speedy styled swooped rearward two tone doors in dark and light gray, leads up to the immaculate high back leather buckets which are within black plastic shells. A wide central console races between these buckets, and houses a stainless cupholder, shifter, handbrake, and headlight/running light toggles. As the console coils upward, there is a high power AM/FM/Cassette radio and climate controls. Onto the dash now we note a series of 4 white faced gauges aimed at the pilot for their monitoring. In front of the rally steering wheel are a trio of deep inset circular instruments and warning light cluster. Also noted are a dual configuration of woofers and tweeters just behind the console rising up to the rear glass like they are being charmed by a pungi wind instrument. SSSSSSSSssssssssssssleek.

Under the hood is where the real venom of this car is stored, and it strikes in the form of an 8.0 liter V-10 numbers matching mill. This has electronic fuel injection, and a T56 6-speed manual transmission on the back. All power coils rearward to a 3.07 Viper rear axle.

True showroom condition would best describe the underside with no rust, aero design, and sporty suspension. Power disc brakes are all around as are independent coil sprung suspension (how appropriate!)

A biter and a fighter, this car lit right up and was a joy to drive on the test track. Although I'm no dummy, I took it quite easy, and it did accelerate great, handled like it's on rails, and had stopping power to keep me out of trouble. All functions were working as they should.

Obviously well cared for and put neatly away like a favorite toy would be when finished playing with it. Ssssssssleek design, a biting V-10, and a sit in this car and it will wrap its sporty charm around you and definitely get a choke hold on you.

3-Passenger Car
B-Manual Belts
5-2 Door Convertible
E-8.0L V10
2-Check Digit
V-New Mach Ave Assy Plant
102147-Sequential Unit Number

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