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1973 Plymouth



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Engine Size
440 V8
Transmission Type
3 Speed Automatic

1973 Plymouth Barracuda

1973 Plymouth Barracuda

Barracuda are snake-like in appearance, with prominent, sharp-edged, fang-like teeth, much like piranha, all of different sizes, set in sockets of their large jaws. They have large, pointed heads with an underbite in many species. Their gill covers have no spines and are covered with small scales. Their two dorsal fins are widely separated, with the anterior fin having five spines, and the posterior fin having one spine and 9 soft rays. The posterior dorsal fin is similar in size to the anal fin and is situated above it. The lateral line is prominent and extends straight from head to tail. The spinous dorsal fin is placed above the pelvic fins and is normally retracted in a groove. The caudal fin is moderately forked with its posterior edged double-curved and is set at the end of a stout peduncle. The pectoral fins are placed low on the sides. Its swim bladder is large. Speedy and dynamic, they are slim, with small scales. Barracudas also have two well-separated dorsal fins, a protruding lower jaw, and a large mouth with many large, sharp teeth.

For consignment, a fully restored 1973 Barracuda, ground up restoration with now a mere 1,100 miles, and nearly 70K invested in the redux. All is very special…from the purple paint in metallic form, to a spiced up engine, rally hood, fender gills, restored interior, and the hits just keep on coming! Just like its namesake, fast and lethal, so aptly named, and this car all buttoned up awaiting your catch.

Fish ON!! Fish ON!! From its rally hood in matte black, to 1972 bumpers and the chromed 1971 fender gills this car looks just swimmingly. The deep inset dual front grille with more gills at the middle separator and flanking single headlight on either side with matching black matte paint to melt seamlessly into the hood, it is just great! A thin chromed bumper separates the upper grille from the lower opening which is bordered by the purple, and has the turn signals inserted within. The front quarters show the matte black on top and a bathing of purple metallic on the Coke bottle shaped sides, with those chromed gills just prior to the doors. Speaking of which, the doors are straight and have well minded gaps, and are also bathed in purple with a matte black sport mirror hanging from either side. An inset handle saves on the aero drag, and it's on to the rear quarter with more purple and framing the purple trunk lid. The rear panel is flat black and houses the 4 round taillights/backups, is topped with a black spoiler, and below another thin shiny bumper are the custom exhaust throughputs in the rear roll panel below the bumper. A pristine black vinyl top is now on, and all trimmings around the roof area are like a shiny fishing lure…attractive! Center Line custom machined wheels chromed to the nines are wrapped by TOYO radials on all 4 corners.

Flipping the purple door inside is a nice black vinyl panel with some embossing and a window crank and mirror joystick. The 'Cuda badge is there just to remind you of what you're are in for. Inside has been restored to the gills and is just beautiful. Nice black buckets flank the styled wood appliqué and black vinyl center console which houses the automatic “T” bar shifter. Carpet and headliner are new, and the original dash is clean and presenting in black. Deep inset round gauges are in front of the original steering wheel, and a new Sony AM/FM/CD is now neatly installed. Some aftermarket gauges now hang below the dash and float above the center console. Snappy 'Cuda embroidered in red floor mats protect the new carpet. Definitely nothing fishy going in here.

With a flip of the hood, and the consigner specs I can tell right away any competition is going to get “schooled” in the art of power. In an immaculate engine bay sits a completely rebuilt 440ci V8 with some real snazzy extras. Now sporting aluminum heads, roller rockers, and forged crank and pistons inside. A 509 lift cam, and an 850 Race Demon carburetor, and all balanced rotating assembly. A 727 Automatic with Kevlar clutches, and a Cheetah valve body, 3200 Stall converter all pushing power rearward to an 8-3/4 inch sure grip rear with 3.91 gear ratio. Exhaling is done through ceramic coated Hooker Headers, and ignition is powered by MSD.

Under the belly of this beast it looks like the showroom floor, but it is actually the no rust, all black restored undercarriage. Some highlights are “firm feel” power steering, hydro-boost brakes and front and rear sway bars with urethane bushings on all suspension components. Very clean and very impressive.

After the above deep dive into the facts of this 'Cuda, it was time for the test drive. It fired right up and ran over to the test track and I thought I was in a new car. Smooth shifting, neck snapping acceleration, great handling, and bias free stopping in a panic, this car performed just great!

Ok, I admit, I'm hooked with all the extras and original looking interior and purple the exterior with the matte black. This is an awesome job overall, and you can tell there was some serious bait put into this rebuild. This is a car you should show up to Classic Auto Mall and sea…uh…ummmm…see!

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This vehicle is located in our showroom in Morgantown, Pennsylvania, conveniently located just 1-hour west of Philadelphia on the I-76 Pennsylvania Turnpike. The website is www.classicautomall.com and our phone number is (888) 227-0914. Please contact us anytime for more information or to come see the vehicle in person.