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1979 Lincoln Continental Town Car

1979 Lincoln Continental Town Car

The Continental Mark Series began with the Continentals built from 1939 until 1948. After an eight year hiatus, the Continental MK II was introduced as a stand-alone brand which built this car from 1956 until 1957. The Continental MK III…another of the world's most beautiful designs challenged the Cadillac Eldorado running almost neck-to-neck. The Continental MK IV stole the entire world's heart from 1972 until 1976; it IS the world's most beautiful automotive design. And last but not least…the Continental MK V precludes the notable Continental Mark Series built in the traditional manner.

For consignment the last of the true American large luxury cars coming to us to grace our halls, we give you this long, big, huge, wonderfully comfortable, opulent, steel paneled, tuxedo black 4 door Lincoln Town Car from 1979 and right out of Oklahoma, which is OK. It's also an original 18K mileage car and it does not get any lower miles than this. Ee-ee-ow! A-yip-i-o-ee-ay! were only sayin' you're doin' fine Oklahoma!

Dressed up to the nines this square and rectangle gentleman dressed up in a tuxedo in black and lots o trimmings in near perfect chrome, barely a ding on it, straight steel large panels, and fastidiously minded gaps, you have arrived. The big square front chromed grille and old fashion styled radiator surround topped with the Lincoln star and flanked by hidden headlights, corner signal lights wrapped in horizontal ribbings, and a massive mirror-like bumper below, this is only the beginning. Moving back, we can take a drive on the large hood and front quarters which have below the belt line trim in chrome and black vinyl, along with some running lights, wheel well trim surrounds and a red dual pinstripe. This drops us off at the front doors, straight and true, more below the belt line trim, pinstripe and now rocker trim moving rearward to two more doors. This rear set of doors backs up to the rear quarter, and the 2 bedroom apartment sized trunk with a single cathedral styled rear taillight on each corner. Another big pristine bumper, and some rear panel trimmings and a horizontal reflector is way back, and up top a padded vinyl landau styled top for the rear passenger area roof. This sports an opera light on the B pillar and an oval opera window in the C pillar. Wire wheels in chrome splendor cover all 4 corners, and now you too can be the escort to the Belle-of-the-ball.

A fine mix of tufted crushed velour, red smooth vinyl, wood appliqué trimmings and of course more chrome more appliqué and some red carpet on the bottoms, and we have just opened the door. Here a plethora of toggles await your fingers to tickle and actuate the windows, locks, mirrors, and seats. Slipping inside on the driver's side I can view the long hood and it actually makes me feel important. I also feel comfort due to the pillowed, tufted, dual cushioned, buttoned crushed velour big daddy bucket seats dyed in deep red. Massive armrests fold down, and I could nearly fall asleep, although there is not a TV to prompt me to do so…but I digress…Looking forward toward the original dash, plenty more wood appliqué in a fanned burl grain houses the instruments and knobs and switches. This plays with some more red covered vinyl and a padded dashtop also in red. Super clean would best describe this dash, which has a brushed aluminum speedometer located directly in front of the original steering wheel. Climate controls, power antenna, AM/FM radio, a Cartier digital clock, all are inserted for your pleasures while driving this land yacht. Wonderful fluffy red carpet covers all floors front and rear, and a really nice red headliner in tight vinyl is covering the inside of the roof. In back an expanse of red velour in extra large bench seat with individual pillows and another central fold down arm rest, lets the back passengers be in their own world as it goes by through the opera windows.

A heave of the long hood, and an original unrestored engine bay with original numbers matching engine all showing nice patina and slight aging appear before our wondering eyes. This is a big 400ci V8 is topped with a 4-barrel carburetor and has an automatic transmission on back.

Low road miles and garaging have left us with just a light coating of surface rust on some of the usual suspects, but all structurally solid all around. Plenty of undercoating covers the wheel wells, floorpans and rockers. Coil over front suspension with disc brakes show up front, and on back, A arms and shocks with drum brakes provide the ride. The underside pans of the engine and transmission show some corrosion and surface rust, but not a drip in sight!

I put my multicolored plaid pants on with a pink Izod golf shirt for the ride, threw the clubs in the pristine lined trunk, and was off to the test track, then a round on the links. At the track, the car was totally in charge with smooth ride, nice acceleration and an unnoticeable shift of the automatic transmission. It cruised just swimmingly, and all it was happy motoring. I never did get that round of golf in, however turned lots of heads on this test drive, but then maybe it was my attire? Nah it was this big piece of Detroit iron I was behind the wheel of…OK?

Low miles have been good to this car since its build in 1979. Please note, the title reads exempt on the mileage. Just a big beauty, luxurious, large and ready for some more long-time enjoyment. Straight, rust free, and a pleasure to navigate around the roads, but use your horn when doing so…OK!

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