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2005 Mercedes-Benz SL600

2005 Mercedes-Benz SL600

“Sport Leicht” or Lightweight Sport refers car capable of driving at high speed for long periods of time. Wealthy owners would use these cars in Europe with their unlimited speed limits (particularly on the German Autobahn) much like airplanes where they could speed from one location to another, in safety and style. Time is money and the SL600 is capable of saving lots of time!

For consignment, a time saver in SL600 configuration with Mercedes-Benz build quality. This V12 smooth power which seems to be endless, touch shifting, staggered 18-inch wheels, high performance tires, and a snazzy retractable hardtop, with a retractable rollover bar. Beautifully designed, this 2-seater is “light sporty” on the next level, now affordable to the Mercedes-Benz commuter who may not be a CEO.

Aerodynamic physics could take a lesson from the design of this car due to its totally smooth line that from the integrated headlight cluster, integrated bumper and swept back grille is designed to slice through the air. A nicely raked windshield works its way around a rounded roofline and moves air from the large hood upfront rearward. Straight heavy steel with well minded gaps is bathed in pristine deep Obsidian black paint. Any trim moldings have been eliminated and now curves are accentuated with slight coves in the doors, a front quarter air intake, and angled rear taillights on a bulbous rear. The only junk in this trunk is the retractable top, which with the touch of a button, retracts in time lapse speediness. Also, on back are dual oval chrome tipped exhaust which peek out from underneath the bulbous back, and some bling on all 4 corners with turbine style 5-hole alloy wheels. When the top is up you will not want for any top view as it is a panoramic style smoked glass covering most of the top when it is in the up position.

Exclusive leather abounds inside all presenting in Mercedes Stone color. All tightly stitched the door panels utilize this exclusive leather along with some Black Forest burl to house power conveniences like a 12-way adjustable heated seat controls, windows, trunk release and seat heaters. Dual sculpted buckets are inside, and these are complete with multi contour seatbacks. Curvaceous lines of two tone padded vinyl and leather (light and dark stone) mix with more Black Forest burl, and offer up a sculpted dual winged with circular gauge cluster in front of the leather and wood covered steering wheel. In the descending console is a Navi screen, backup camera, and multi-function sound system with a CD player. Simple designed but effective temp. controls, and the touch shifter is mounted within more burl. Various other convenience buttons are here along with drive mode and handling control buttons. Nice light tan carpet floods the floors, and behind the buckets are dual storage areas, one houses a 6-disc CD holder. All this is wonderfully clean and all in pristine condition.

All we need to say here is 5.5 Liter Twin turbocharged V12 and now I have your attention! We are talking almost 500 horses, attached to a 5-speed touch shift electronic transmission. Features also include Electronic braking system with anti-lock capabilities, and braking assistance, Electronic stability program, automatic slip control all wrapped into active body control, active suspension changeable, omg! on the fly!

Not much to see here kids, as Mercedes utilizes several ground effects panels to smooth over any airflow that would otherwise get “caught” in those pesky suspension and mechanicals underneath! No rust, nice patina and reminiscent of a low mileage car with 33K original miles.

I LOVE these sports cars with the V12 smoothness and unlimited power, and this car will not disappoint. It owned the test track with smooth limitless acceleration, great handling, quick straight braking, and luxurious comfort while gliding around corners on rails, having me utilize those extra bolsters on the buckets when I got a little goosey with my boot. I noticed the navi screen has a patch of dead pixels off to the side, but otherwise all else is good.

A truly great sports car/luxury cruiser for wealthy sect now affordable to the everyday performance aficionado. Loaded with conveniences and power, this car is no fooling around with its design, construction, and performance and comfort. But then again, it's a Mercedes sports car, what would you expect?