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1925 Ford

Model T Speedster


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Body Color
Engine Size
176.7ci 4 Cylinder
Transmission Type
2 Speed Planetary

1925 Ford Model T Speedster

1925 Ford Model T Speedster

The Model T came in many configurations including a sedan, sportster, four door, pickup truck and whatever else Henry could build you upon your request. The early days of the blue oval were interesting, with Henry holding on tight to the corporate reigns and squeezing as much out of that Model T design chassis as he could. Legend has it that he took his potential executives out for dinner on the interview process. If you got your food, and you salted it prior to tasting it, you were not to be hired, as it shows you may have a propensity to make decisions without checking all the facts first!

For consignment, a Model T Speedster in racing manifestation. Don your leather helmet, goggles and pick your “mechanic” to sit beside you and go like a bat out of hell. All looking good, and running like a winner, this example from 1925 is certainly an interesting Ford that not many will have at your local shows or racetrack.

Go speed racer, go speed racer, go speed racer...go! With its original Model T cowled hood open side engine front and grille, all strapped in to keep it close at high speed, these old steel panels are bathed in red. A black radiator complete with a painted number 2 is flanked by vintage B&J headlights. Hanging off the sides of this lowered racing chassis are curved black fenders that are held together with a running board. The remainder of the car goes by the KISS (keep it simple stupid) mantra with open cockpit, and flat rear deck housing the open fuel tank and a tool box for the inevitable wrenching that would take place during a heated competition. All steel spoked recently restored rims now have new tubes and tires (26 inch and 27 inch respectively) and are painted a body matching red.

Within the open cockpit sit 2 bomber style buckets in black vinyl. A long column steering wheel just rearward toward the seats and has an original steering wheel with the throttle and timing advance. A simple dash shows your volt meter, and has the ignition key, although this car is started via a flopper button. The Model T 3-pedal setup, brake on right, reverse gear in center, and 2-speed shifter pedal on the left is the go mode setup, and will take a bit to get accustomed to. Some original lanterns hang from either side of the dash and a central bigger lantern is on top. Ford marketed the 3-pedal setup as very easy for the ladies to drive, proving that all women are definitely smarter than any man because it was far from its purported intentions!

Donning a “Fronty” (Frontenac head) this Chevrolet Brothers endeavor was adapted for the Ford and put on top of their performance engines. This included a single intake port and 3 exhaust ports for crossflow design. It would boost power up to as much as 12 additional HP, and when you are talking about a top HP of 25 this was significant. A 4-cylinder aluminum piston engine with straight pipe exhaust, presents under the cowl with a single side draft carb, and a flywheel with no magnets all offer up less weight, and more speed.

This car has been lowered with drum brakes all around and is rust free and fully restored.

The consigner states the car runs great and works as needed with power to go faster than you may want. It runs like a champ.

A piece of history for the blue oval, racing format model T, Frontenac head, and aluminum pistons, and fully restored steel spoked wheels with new rubber (including the spare). Go ahead make your day! Boogitty boogitty boogitty, let's go racin'…

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