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1972 Chevrolet Nova SS

1972 Chevrolet Nova SS

A “ringer” is described as a person or thing that is highly proficient or an item so well produced, that the competition is virtually eliminated. In effect, a “shoe in” or sure thing.

Classic cars are candy for the eyes and are a record of how we have progressed in technology and design over the years. This eye candy could best be described in the candy world as an all day sucker, or an everlasting gob stopper. It is definitely a show stopper, has virtually won everything its entered, and I'll go as far out on a limb to say more than likely the BEST example of a 1972 Chevrolet Nova in the country. Passionately rebuilt from the ground up, now in resto-mod form, this car goes above and beyond the norms you truly have to see it to believe it. I give you the 1972 Chevrolet Nova whipped up by a professional body and engine, and suspension man who truly has talent on loan from God!

Retaining the original NOVA look, the front grille is concours quality no faults and does have an optional custom-made diffuser not pictured on this car. All panels have been bathed in Corvette Torch Red, and close inspection reveals that the hood scoops are fiberglass molded on to the original metal hood (how they do that?!) Panels are as expected, laser straight, and gaps are millimeter accurate and consistent. Noted that through out this car it is virtually seamless. Take a look under the trunk lid, or within the door jambs and there are no weld seams! Even the marker lights have been covered with custom designed billet cast and machined bow ties. Drop edges have been smoothed, and the rear passenger glass has been sealed due to the wide exhaust below to meet safety standards. A horizontal ribbed rocker cover stretches from bow to stern, and atop the rear deck is a custom made spoiler. Don't forget the wide white SS stripes in pearl white running the length of this car. On back are sequential taillights much like the classic T birds only these are of the LED variety. Attention to detail is fascinating and has a slight bit of added humor on the side view mirrors is a graphic of a “finger” being given to any potential challengers as they disappear in that mirror! For the wheels all casting marks have been removed, and shiny 5 spoke bowtie badged wheels are wrapped by Kumho Siesta MX low profile run flat radials.

All custom in here with a tan and black door panel kept ultra simple with just an armrest, window toggles, and a side view mirror joy stick. Inside we are greeted with two tone leather buckets up front, black inserts and tan blasters, all power actuated. These are racing style with the supporting side bolsters, and a molded in embroidered black bowtie headrest. A rear 2 plus 2 setup mirrors the front buckets with the wrap around bolsters and high backs. A center storage area (where a Wile-e Coyote resides) and stainless cupholders are seen. Continuing forward between the front buckets is a custom console which houses various lighting toggles, red LED rim lit stainless cupholders, (you hafta have those!) and a B&M automatic shifter, as well as a multiple CD changer control panel, head unit in the trunk. The original dash panel has been removed and now a clean flat shiny black panel houses various white faced gauges which are within eye shot, and easily monitored through the LeCarra rally steering wheel. Above this black panel is a pristine stitched and padded dash top in black. Black carpet floods the floors, and throughout various woofers and tweeters pepper the inside for wrap around sound from the dual Alpine radio and CD changer. Peek into the trunk and this is all custom fab as well with panels that hide the battery, and stereo amps and boosters. Also hidden compartments house a car cover, and any small items you may have.

Lifting the fiberglass and steel hood, custom fabricated billet hinges not steel, make up this smooth movement. Virtually every surface of this 502ci consigner stated 514 HP fuel injected ram jet topped V8 is bathed in chrome. All add ons are chrome, and hoses are ribbed stainless our braided stainless. An Art Carr 700 R4 automatic transmission is strapped to the rear of this mirror-like grille, and a Strange driveshaft, axle and differential spin the wheels. Airbrushed area under the hood just to button up the no surface left untouched mantra.

As with the top you have to see to believe but countless hours and copious sums of money spent underneath. Floorpans have been raised to accept the 3.5 inch stainless chromed exhaust with flat horizontal side pipes exiting just before the rear wheels. A Chris Alston chassis and a Works subframe assembly are seen as well as the 9-inch housing complete with another Wile-e Coyote! Leaf spring suspension was removed and a custom made “cage” from the frame thru sail panels support the car's weight. Plenty of braided stainless hoses, and even the blow through relief hose from the engine is braided stainless. All underneath is over the top…? Yup…it is!

A show car as such we are very careful with, so in lieu of our test drive we fired it up, and it came to life in an instant. All 502 cubes were pumping normally and loud, and you had to hold tight on the reigns when moving this car as it wants to bolt. All functions (vintage A/C, sound system, mechanicals, power toggles, lights etc.) were fully functional. Plenty of comfort to boot as well with the racing leather seats, front and back.

Over the top would best describe this car, where plenty of attention to detail has yielded a “Ringer” for shows, and a bucking bronco for a goer. Strap in, and turn heads, and get some air in your hair with this custom built 1972 Chevrolet Nova, simply put EXCELLENT ADVENTURE!…and no one else with have one…guaranteed.

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