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1967 Pontiac LeMans Coupe

1967 Pontiac LeMans Coupe

Way back in 1964, Pontiac revolutionized the auto industry with a factory hot rod many consider the first American muscle car. It was, of course, the Pontiac GTO and it was created by men called DeLorean, Estes, Gee, Collins, and Wangers, who went around the boardroom, outsmarted the bean counters, and tapped into the pleasure centers of America's young minds. “It was an era of cruising, picking up chicks, and picking up runs—American Graffiti in the flesh,” wrote Joe Oldham for Hemmings in 2014. “The greaser still ruled the street, and what more perfect car for this guy than a GTO?”

Built the first week of May 1967, this rarer than a GTO car, has the power of a GTO, runs just fab, and is a 2-door hardtop coupe. Built at the Framingham Massachusetts plant, had original silver glaze blue paint, and a black interior. A respray close to silver glaze is now on this straight paneled stacked headlight front beaked car, and the black vinyl interior is still there too. All looking good and ripe for the taking here in the hallowed halls of the Classic Auto Mall.

The split front grille, with its Pontiac “beak” and dual stacked headlights on either front corner is the quintessential format for the Tempest come LeMans. A few faults in the respray, including some overspray, a bit of touch ups, and slight cracking here and there, it holds its shine nicely, and looks really nice. All the trimmings (window surrounds, wheel well surrounds, rocker covers, bumpers and handles) are as nice as it gets, with no dimpling or fading. On back of the spacious trunk are a dual trio of taillamp built right into the rear panel, a nice bumper below, and dual exhaust tips peeking out from underneath. One has to love the flying buttress rear “B” pillars (AKA tunnel back) which frame a nearly vertical rear glass just before dying onto the trunk deck. Standard wheel covers, and black wall tires have this car firmly in the category of a sleeper. Looks like a grocery getter, but in reality….it can bite!

The original wood appliqué dash and bezels for instrumentations is now fronted by a wood rimmed rally size steering wheel, and a pair of front buckets, in black vinyl. Sitting up proudly in the center of these buckets is a rebuilt Hurst shifter, with a Ballentine Beer tap knob floating in a sea of new black carpet…(Cold and mellow, gold and yellow, Ballentine Ballentine beer!…and now back to Connie Mack stadium). A rear bench stretches from side to side, and sports new armrests for that extra comfort. A new ignition has been installed into the steering column, and a now functioning wiper switch replaces the original. The headliner is a bit ruffled with some extra material at the tops of the doors but is unscathed and nice black.

A 4-barrel topped 326ci HO V8 in blue colored block with chromed Edelbrock Valve covers resides under the hood. All is looking clean around this mill, and dual exhausts are seen. On back is a 4-speed manual transmission.

Rust free and nicely sound for the undercarriage frame, floorpans, and rockers. Undercoating abounds and on the rear corner of the drivers floorpan is a repair but all structurally sound. Rear drums and front discs are on this car, and sport new brake linings.

She drove like a dream, and performed well, all buttoned up for my test drive. Straight stopping, good acceleration, and some power under there coming from the rebuilt 4-barrel carb. Steering was smooth, and functions save for the aftermarket radio were working. A good experience.

This non-GTO LeMans will not disappoint on the looks front, and the performance front. Nice paint, good interior, and solid undercarriage, with the 326HO V8 and you can look like you are getting groceries, but in reality, you are on the prowl for a victim! Blackwall tires and all, a wolf in sheep's clothing, or at least silver glaze respray…

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