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1930 Ford Sedan

1930 Ford Sedan

The Ford Model A also colloquially called the A-Model Ford or the A and A-bone among rodders and customizers was the Ford Motor Company's second market success after its predecessor, the Model T. First produced on October 20, 1927, but not introduced until December 2, it replaced the venerable Model T, which had been produced for 18 years. This new Model A (a previous model had used the name in 1903–04) was designated a 1928 model and was available in four standard colors.

Gracing our hallowed halls of Classic Auto Mall is this retro restored rodded, A-Bone, Briggs body, bathed in Marlin blue, licking flames in magenta, and plenty of polish underneath. A 350ci ZZ3/Turbo 350 combo, Torque thruster wheels, and that iconic rodded stance, even the interior is totally custom for your viewing pleasure.

Marlin blue looking much like the genre of Petty blue (although Petty blue is a custom mix patented and started off as two cans of paint mixed together in a rush to paint the first car entry!) this beauty has the obligatory licking flames which adorn the hood side cowls and fiberglass front fenders. A vertical ribbed grille from a 1932 version, announces your arrival as does the simple curved chrome bumper in front and the single headlights mounted on a front crossbar. For extra visual bling, a windblown long checkered flag with magenta highlights in the shadows is running just above the running boards (appropriate), All chromed trimmings around windows have been painted the Marlin blue, although the door handles remain in chrome. A 5-window version long lean sedan with a fab stance and chopped 4 inches on the roofline which is now filled. Torque thruster wheels with Ford badged knockoff hubs, are wrapped in wide radial rubber all around. Noted a passenger side panel under the cowl hood will need some attention to re mount the hood lockdown, but it looks like a screw replacement to get that panel back under the hood.

Inside up front a smooth metal Marlin blue painted dash sports a long horizontal Digital Dash with green LED readouts. A small panel for A/C & heat and airflow is just below. A rally steering wheel with a tilt column fronts this dash and shows very nicely. Chairs are gray crushed velour, tuck and roll inserts and darker gray broadcloth bolsters. The doors utilize this same combination of tuck and roll and darker cloth, as does a rear speaker box, now replacing any rear seating. A flip top to this box reveals some extra storage. Nice fuzzy broadcloth covers all the other interior surfaces (pillars, roof interior toe kicks) and clean gray carpet floods the floors. Noted within the headliner is a custom fabricated aluminum header console, which houses a Sony AM/FM/Cassette Player.

Underneath the hood and side cowls, is a snazzy polished 350ci crate engine in ZZ3 form (The ZZ3 has aluminum heads, aluminum intake manifold, high lift roller cam, forged steel crank, 4-bolt mains, "pink rods", and hypereutectic pistons with a compression ratio of nearly 10:1. The dual-snorkel air-cleaner is from a 1983-1985 Camaro with the L69 engine.) The consigner states this car puts out 345hp. On back is a 350 Turbo transmission in automatic format.

Other than a few water spots, the undercarriage is either Marlin blue, black or polished, and it is a work of art! The chassis is a TCI with a 9-inch coil-over. Plenty of polished stainless exhaust, suspension parts, and lines making their way underneath. Chrome tipped “zoom tube” exhaust peels out from underneath the rear bumper. This N.C. speed shop built A-Bone is all buttoned up and ready to go and show.

It fires right up and has an amazing amount of power with that 350 ZZ3 under the hood. It handled the test track with ease, good acceleration, straight quick stopping and good handling, although on tight S turns the front felt a bit squirrelly. All functions were working, and the A/C blows cold.

Take me back to the glory days of the hot-rodding movement, and this car's picture is in the dictionary under the heading retro A bone! A nifty interior all custom, digital dash, A/C & heat, killer stereo, flamed paint job, and totally gnarly polished undercarriage, I'm nearly in hot rod heaven, or at least into the dictionary!

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