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2009 Hummer H3

2009 Hummer H3

Like Jeep before it, Hummer was born as a military vehicle – the Humvee – manufactured for the Department of Defense by the American Motors Corporation (AMC) starting in 1977. A civilian version of the vehicle, long contemplated by AMC, was finally produced in large part due to intense personal lobbying by former world-champion bodybuilder and then Hollywood action hero Arnold Schwarzenegger. Schwarzenegger laid eyes on his first military Humvee when a column of them drove past a movie set he was on in Oregon. He decided on the spot he had to own one and personally lobbied AMC management for several years until the company finally capitulated and went into production with a civilian version.

For consignment right here at Classic Auto Mall in living color is a large and in charge, 1 owner low mile rare “Special Edition” complete with all the excesses GM could muster Hummer H3 model. Complete with plenty of extras, trimmings running boards, moonroof, heated leather two tone seats, extra graphics, taillight covers, the list goes on and on. This 4-wheeler has surprisingly never seen snow or even bad weather, has been garage kept all its life. She's showroom if you really want to know, and the pictures prove it. So, grab your groover, and let's head where the wild things are, off the beaten path, and give this truck some exercise.

What better way to drop off the kids at soccer practice than this military styled vehicle with all the suburbia bling, bathed in white, and plenty of trimmings for extra eye candy. A large grille guard in chrome, a hood insert in chrome, and some lower chromed grille and tail light flourishes over top, with the matching jungle style flourish pin striping on either side, and this truck screams to be left to its own devices in the wilds of the country. Tinted windows, roof rack, beautiful running boards, chromed gas filler hinged door, rear mounted spare tire, a hitch, panoramic chromed side view mirrors, and several bumper mounted winch pulls for when you get too far off the beaten path, you can be conveniently rescued by the “claw”. All panels are straight as hunting arrows, and gaps are minded as well as it gets. Nice big knobbies are blinged out with chromed starburst Hummer wheels, and literally nothing can stop us now. We're goin in!!

Despite all that tough, all be it gussied up bling on the exterior, the interior is a beautifully and comfortably appointed two tone leather in black and fawn brown. The seats are near perfect, and have heating in them, and the front buckets are infinitely adjustable to make it just right baby bear. The well appointed dash provides just the facts ma'am, and then some, with a navi screen, Bluetooth, and other fun and interactive things to do to distract your eyes from the road, but who cares? Just run them the hell over! A very convenient backup screen appears in the rear-view mirror when shifting to the R position, to help navigate backing up to those stops. Door panels make use of the 2 tone leather as well, and provide a plethora of buttons for all the power accessories because cranking a window is soooo pedestrian. Climate control: and push button 4x4 are other features to be had on this monster. Yards of black clean carpet floods the floors of this spacious interior, which is flawless to this writers' eyes.

A 3.7 liter 5 cylinder engine with EFI provides the power under the hood, and a 4 speed automatic transmission is on back. Plenty of power to motor up that mountain and get a little mud on the tires.

Like new, never been out in the elements, even the factory stickers are still there, this Hummer is fully ready to roll, and is just factory underneath. 4-wheel disc brakes, a centrally mounted transfer case, and full highway ride suspension are all underneath.

As one would expect from a low mileage truck/4 wheeler, this one is nearly flawless in condition and its drivability was like a dream come true. What a way to spend time behind the wheel with all the conveniences. It ran beautifully, cruising with a low hum from the knobbier, a truck-like but smooth ride, and plenty of height too look down on the how the other half lives. Great handling, and I did not test the 4x4 modes, but I'll venture it's a climber. All functions were working flawlessly.

Imagine a beautiful and big 4x4 that has never seen the elements? Kind of like a sports car that has never seen a corner. All garage kept 1 owner low miles ready for the taking. This cream puff in wolfs clothing will not last long and you'll have all that extra bling to boot! Go ahead, get a little mud on the tires!

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