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1967 Triumph



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Engine Size
2138cc Inline 4 Cylinder
Transmission Type
4 Speed Manual

1967 Triumph TR4A

1967 Triumph TR4A

A fun fact: Body plates in TR4s will state the maker's name as Standard Motor Company Limited but from the TR4A onwards it was frequently changed. You will see Standard Triumph Motor Company Limited, Triumph Motor Company Limited, Triumph Motors British Leyland UK Limited, and Triumph Motor Company.

For consignment, a bloody British bonne beauty from bonnet to boot in the guise of the model TR-4A. This TR4A comes equipped with IRS, or independent rear suspension which superseded the TR4. Apart from the rear suspension, which used trailing arms and a differential bolted to the redesigned chassis frame and a number of small styling changes and refinements, the two models appear nearly identical. In fact, an estimated 25 per cent of TR4As were not equipped with IRS, but instead reverted to a live axle design similar to the TR4, which was adapted to fit the new chassis.

Be it not for the curved in the hood headlight visors, and the ubiquitous bump on the hood, as well as the lighted trim spear point which starts on the front quarter, this would be an everyday car. With these iconic design cues, it becomes the TR4, and is looking decidedly British. A horizontal ribbed chromed grille, with the single flanking headlights, and lower rounded bullet turn signal lights, framed on the bottom by a small bumper with dual vertical bumperettes, and central rounded supporting bar up front to accent and protect the grille. A long hood works its way back to the windshield, and side and door panels are nice and straight, and rust free. These are all bathed in red and looking good. Chrome trimmings are smashing (good) and mirror like. The bumpers show the beginnings of rust and dulling but are straight. A few scratches are seen overall, but it is mostly tip top notch mate. The rear of the car borrows from the Sunbeam Tiger with vertical torchlights at the end of each pointed boxed off fender, and a squared off trunk. This is a pre cursor to the TR-6 and Karmann rear design. Gone are the cutaway doors and now straight sills with roll up windows keep the belt line horizontal. Above all this Brit menagerie' is a clean black canvas convertible top with a clear plastic rear window. Also included is a red hardtop. Seen on all 4 corners are 8 spoke mag style 15-inch wheels wrapped by 185/65R15's all around.

Lowering the rag top, we see a roll bar has been added for safety, and this sits behind a black vinyl dual bomber style bucketed cockpit. On the driver's side is a mounted to the roll bar padded headrest. Some tears are seen on the tuck and roll and bolsters, but the seats remain intact. A central console races from the back of the cockpit forward, and houses a glovebox, handbrake, and gear shift lever. This meets up with the wood veneer dash showing a few chips missing from the top veneer. This original dash has round Jaeger black faced gauges with shiny chromed bezels. A nice wood rimmed steering wheel with 3 machined metal drilled spokes fronts the dash. Noted is some gaffers tape holding the front driver's side of the center console top the carpeted hump. Behind this taped on radio mounting cowling is some evidence of possible brake fluid leakage damage but check the photos to be sure. Black carpets floods all the floors and is clean with a few areas of wear.

With a forward pop of the bonnet we get our jollies with the inline 4 banger underneath in 2138 cc configuration. This has dual side draft SU carburetors feeding it, and a 4-speed manual transmission popped on to the rear of the mill. The bay is nicely patina with some red overspray seen.

Some oiling has taken place underneath, and probably is a good thing as it has saved the frame from rust invasion. There is invasive rust seen eating through the drivers floorpan, as well as the rockers on both sides showing areas of this invasion. 4-wheel independent suspension and disc brakes upfront and drums on the rear are seen. A closer inspection of the undercarriage is recommended for this car.

I bagsy a drive on this car from across the pond as I had one of these and wanted to relive the memory. It fired right up and ran like a charm to make even the royals have envy. Good acceleration, smooth shifting, good handling with the IRS, and 4-wheel independent suspension. It cruised smoothly up to speed and came to an abrupt halt when standing on the brakes. A good memory was brought back.

No rust on the exterior, original interior with a new roll cage, and a 4 popper with dual SU's you are tooling in British style from 1967 courtesy Michelotti design. Overall good, and all that is left to say is Bob's yer uncle!

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