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1957 Oldsmobile

98 Convertible


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Engine Size
371 J2 V8
Transmission Type
4 Speed Automatic

1957 Oldsmobile 98 Convertible

1957 Oldsmobile 98 Convertible

Oldsmobile's from 1957 are instantly, profoundly fascinating, no matter what model range you happen to be examining, because every single one of them turned its back on the fin frenzy, instead bringing to market a luxuriantly rolling tunnel of sheetmetal resting atop each rear fender, proudly crowning a creased-in character line, the pipeline for an imaginary surfer, it almost seems to appear. It's only the most immediately obvious trait of a continuous, ovoid styling theme that also incorporates the enormous, chromed bumper and grille combination, the headlamp surrounds, and, after a fashion, the three-piece backlight.

“Oldsmobility” was the ad man buzzword used in 1957 for the Rocket 88, promising a” New way of going places in the rocket age!” For consignment an actual example of that new way of going places in the rocket age, with plenty of adorned rockets for trimmings, lots of nicely shined chrome, and some trim spear and an open V spear for the rear quarters. This all wrapped up steel is in convertible form, and with the turn of the key, you will be living large in suburbia styling and big comfort.

A large mouthed bass in chromed form with O L D S M O B I L E badging stretching through the middle of the fine grille and massive upper and lower mirror like chrome completes the first impression of this car as it drives toward you up front. Use of the ovoid starts early in the front of the hood complete with stars and a thin jet as seen from front view. Directly above is more chrome with a trim just at the edge off the top of the hood. On either front quarter are chromed jet forms which guard eye like chromed bezels housing a single headlight. The massive hood rolls rearward and is met by the curved front glass, also surrounded with more chrome. A look at the side front and back quarters and we see in between the Alcan White paint, a thin chrome trim spear, chromed side view mirrors, and a spread V trim which runs from the top of the door sills through the door handle and down and rearward toward the rear bumper. Noted on the rockers there are areas of rust bubbling underneath the paint. Another massive chrome bumper with inserted exhaust piping topped with tri pointed star inserted taillights. These have rounded fenders with Oldsmobile resisting the trend of finning a rear quarter. 14-inch tri pointed star wheel covers wrap by wide whites are on all 4 corners.

More use of the ovoid in the main instrument pod is another lazy but flowing oval, gauges set deeply inside it. The nacelle is only one element of an outrageously rich interior environment that's slathered everywhere in chrome integrated with a cluster of gauges knobs and buttons in a centrally located chrome strip topped by a padded dash top in black and a lower white strip in metal. In that strip is a Wonderbar radio, all the rage in the late 50's. Way up top is more ovoid in a clock bezel that is melted into the top dash with a graceful curve. In the center of the steering wheel is more ovoid with the recurring jet front view upside down T logo. A little bit of rust and some chipping is noted on the white lower part of the dash. Turning to the seats we note a black insert tuck and roll seat which shows some wear and cracks revealing the underlying foam and padding. On the bolsters we see white leather and these present in good condition but also with some cracks. Between the black and white is a curved gray swatch of metallic material also seen on the doors, and this will bring in to play the machine age styling to help with the jet age add ons. A solid rear bench with the same leather design in used condition stretches from side to side. Black carpet looking newer floods the floors, and as we view the side of the front bench chromed tub, we note power toggles for the seat adjustments. Door panels are good with black metallic fabric and white leather on the sills. Ninety-Eight badging is in chrome and written in your grandmother's handwriting within the black curved panel.

A 371ci J2 V8 in fairly clean condition is within the confines of the engine bay which is also clean. On top of this engine is a trio of 2-barrel carburetors and a Jetaway Hydramatic 4-speed automatic transmission is noted on back of the mill. 3.64 gears for the rear axle, and the drivetrain is buttoned up!

Underneath throughout areas of heavy encrusted surface rusting are seen, but all remain structurally sound. The X frame is solid, floorpans show a bit of rust, particularly on the driver's side, and rockers are clean. Independent coil springs are up front for the suspension, and on the rear are leaf springs. Power drum brakes for all 4 wheels and a dual exhaust is seen working its way rearward.

She starts up and is ready to roll over to our infamous test track, known only to its insured approved test drivers, who have the good fortune to drive each and every car and put them through their paces. This car has decent acceleration, lumbering handling because its large steel panels, and it comes to a nice stop when needed. Interior will need redone, but a small price to pay with such a glorious car which has working controls.

This was the wave of the future with Olds resisting the trend of putting large fins on the car, but falling victim of the chrome trend, but it works just beautifully with the Alcan White paint. The top operates smoothly and shows some wear in joint areas. This eye-popping festival of chrome and white with leather interior is the quintessential 1950's turnpike cruiser.

9-Ninety Eight
M-Lansing MI Assy Plant
18815-Sequential Unit Number

STYLE 57 3067DX-1957 Oldsmobile 98 Convertible
BODY L3604-Lansing Body #
TRIM 350-Black & White Leather
PAINT 60/60/10-Alcan White

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