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1976 Cadillac

Coupe DeVille

Offered At


Engine Size
500ci V8
Transmission Type
3 Speed Automatic

1976 Cadillac Coupe DeVille

1976 Cadillac Coupe DeVille

The vision for the Cadillac is based on precision engineering and the complete luxury experience. This is the reason why Cadillac is one of the finest cars ever manufactured in the United States. This tradition will carry on throughout its manufacturing history, and to this day, Cadillac still remains to be America's finest luxury vehicles. Ford's vision of precision manufacturing led to the ultimate reliability of his vehicles. Therefore, Cadillac's reputation preceded itself as the better-made automobile compared to its competitors.

For consignment an original and recently well worked with over $19K put into this car to make it nearly perfect mechanically and visually. A rebuilt engine, new tires, brakes, roof, body work, carpet, master cylinder and all new paint, she's ready for her second life as a goer and a shower. 1976 never looked so good, and this Caddy DeVille is a styling example of mid 1970's excess. Queue the stairway descent!

Firethorn Red Metallic paint covers new body work, straight large steel slabs, complete with some nice bite-work trimmings on rockers, trim spears, and window surrounds with beautiful Caddy script style badging. The front of the car lets this know you've arrived with a large and in charge chromed egg crate grille with a dividing front bumper, and rectangular design dual headlights. Big panels adorn and make up this car and they are all straight and true with well minded gaps. The rear has the iconic vertical bezel chromed taillights which flank a massive trunk lid, that has more taillights below and a clean integrated rear bumper below all this luxury design. Throw on an opera window on the B pillars and wrap it with padded Cotillion White vinyl and we now add even more class to this wonderful cruiser. Some wide white sidewalls adorn Caddy dog dish wheel covers, and we can say we are lookin' over all really fine.

Recliner like red broadcloth fabric inserts on the large split bench front seat surround themselves with red vinyl bolsters. A central armrest in shiny red vinyl is in the center of the buckets and can be raised or lowered. Power movements for the front seats lets you get it just right baby bear. The driver's seat shows some sagging in the cloth insert area. A big rear bench stretches from panel to panel and also sports a central fold down shiny vinyl armrest and center divider. Red molded door panels house power windows, locks and a mirror toggle. These have a nice wood appliqué for accenting, and red think pile carpet panels on the bottoms of them. A square and rectangle design dash in red and wood appliqué shows as original as well as the tri pointed star steering wheel inset with wood appliqué center trim panel. Nice clean red carpet floods the floors and hovering above is a pristine red vinyl headliner with no marks or errors.

All 500 cubic inches rest comfortably within this unrestored engine bay. The engine is a Jasper rebuild on consigner stated original engine. This currently has only 1,500 miles on it since the rebuild. A 4-barrel carburetor is atop and on back resides the original TH400 3-speed automatic transmission. The overall visual condition of the engine bay can be described as original and unrestored.

Plenty of surface rust is seen one the frame and suspension parts, as well as the rockers. Floorpans remain rust free. The frame appears still structurally sound. A new fuel tank has been put on, and suspension and brakes all are in working condition.

The rebuilt engine starts up quick with little struggle, and off to our test track, where this car performed to our standards, with good acceleration which was smooth. The automatic transmission worked nicely, and brakes brought the car to a quick stop. Functions were all in working condition, including the newly revamped A/C system.

Save for some undercarriage surface rust, this car is a very nice example of the 1976 version of the Coupe DeVille. Benefitting from a 2017 engine and drivetrain rebuild, new brakes and lines, new glovebox and door jambs, and some snappy bodywork and paint, and we have a really great skate to cruise the neighborhood or take on a vacation to Boca!

47-2 Door Hardtop Coupe
S-500ci V8
Q-Detroit, MI Assy Plant
289012-Sequential Unit Number

ST 766D47-1976 Deville 2 Door Hardtop Coupe
BDY FWD 070873-Fleetwood Body #
TR 71C-Red Cloth
PNT 36 11T-Firethorn Red Metallic, Cotillion White Vinyl Top
05B-2nd Week May Build
AM6-Split Bench Seat W/armrest

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