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1946 Ford



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Engine Size
350 V8
Transmission Type
3 Speed Automatic

1946 Ford Tudor

1946 Ford Tudor

Tudor monarchs ruled the Kingdom of England and its realms, including their ancestral Wales and the Lordship of Ireland from 1485 until 1603. Henry Ford thought that was cool. It was a marketing ploy. Manufacturers had pet names for different body styles.

For consignment from 1946 a Ford Tudor Deluxe, now rodded, shaved and rebooted for the interior and engine. A Nova rear axle, power steering, power brakes, and plenty other power attachments, this sports a remote trunk, and hood, as well as the doors. New tires and wheels and a snappy paint job, and we now have a Tudor Rod, '46 style. Pure royalty in the Rod department.

Excepting the front headlight bezels, all chrome trimmings and badging has been removed from the exterior of this car. We are left with an exterior of round sculpted steel panels, curvaceous lines, and a bulbous nose, which is framed on the bottom with deep dish wheels and moon caps. Simplistic but sexy with its shaved bumpers, and now inset taillights, all the steel is bathed in a deep teal, and its laid on thick! Sometimes maybe too thick, because there are areas showing cracking in that thick coat of paint, and a few areas where bubbles of underlying rust have begun to invade the painted surfaces particularly in the seams where the fenders meet the body. Up front the grille is matching the body, headlights have been inset into the fenders as well as the turn signals are flushed. The grille curves upward to meet the round nosed hood which curves its way back to the passenger compartment which is dotted with black trimmed tinted glass all around. A rear rounded trunk lid has an oval black framed window above and runs downward to those inset taillights with oval exhaust tips peeking out from below. A note to the sexy design of the period, running boards have been reduced to rocker flares, and fenders are making their way into the body design, but are not there as of yet!

Some serious money was spent inside this car as we are met with two tone gray stitched leather sculpted panels. Due to the power windows and a power door actuator, there are no handles in this door panel landscape, just leather and an inset speaker. Grabbing our eye, and your body, more two-tone leather in light gray inserts and dark gray bolsters and headrests, all neatly stitched together. A rear dual seat bench runs from side panel to side panel and includes an inset area arm rest framed by more leather in the middle. A smoothed two-tone center console laps like ocean waves towards the front dash and excepting for the glovebox lid is solid and clean with only power window toggle chromed inserts. Looking toward the dash it is a work of art just like the exterior. We see gray painted steel for the dash top, and a shiny chromed panel for the dash front. Within are custom chromed bezel white faced gauges, a few lights to warn us of on and off accessories, and a colorful Legacy aftermarket AM/FM stereo with a built-in equalizer. Below this chromed panel is another band of dark gray painted steel which houses various knobs and pulls. Deep thick pile gray carpet floods the floors, and a suede headliner hangs tightly from the ceiling. A nice shout out to the trunk, which is also lined in leather, and has inset stitched light gray waves in either side and the rear seat panel. A leather cover box surrounds the battery, and more gray carpet floods these floors as well.

A flip of the hood, and we are greeted loudly with a 350ci V8 all polished up and shining like a piece of mechanical jewelry. MSD provides the ignition box, coil, and distributor, and on top is an Edelbrock Performer EPS intake, and a 4-barrel Holley carb. For the transmission and rear we see a TH350 3 speed automatic bolted to the back of this sexy mill, and a 10-bolt rear axle. Headers have been added and they make their way rearward through a Turbo Muffler system.

All very nicely restored with a drilled X frame shiny and black, solid floorpans, and rust free black painted environment all around. A Mustang II front end has been used, and on the rear are leaf springs for the suspension. Power disc brakes adorn all 4 corners, and we have a very nice, clean undercarriage presentation. Take a bow before we hop in and run it through its paces!

An über comfortable set of seats grab you by the butt with the snappy leather two-tone, and a turn of the key and I was off to the races…well, test track! Here this car performed beautifully with great acceleration, smooth transmission shifting, and a low rumble RPM cruise. I felt like I was driving a piece of sculpture, and when I hopped our I realized I was…good brakes, and all interior functions were working swimmingly.

Starting with a wonderful Art Nouveau curved design, and modifying it by simplification, then bathing it with a metallic teal paint, shaving all the exterior original embellishments, adding a stunning leather interior, throwing in a blinged out 350ci crate engine, and ladies and gentlemen start your engines and drive to a show. There is a nice place in the back, lined with leather and carpet to put your trophies for the ride home. And the push of a button opens the doors trunk and hood. It just does not get any easier or more fun.

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