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2017 Radio Flyer



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2017 Radio Flyer Wagon

2017 Radio Flyer Wagon


The combination of “radio” and “flyer” reflects the founder's fascination with the two inventions: the airplane and the radio, the latter created by fellow Italian Guglielmo Marcon. Radio Flyer was formerly known as the Liberty Coaster Company. This is also the name of the company's first wagon. Its name was inspired by the iconic Statue of Liberty, which welcomed Antonio Pasin a cabinetmaker come wagon producer, to America.

For consignment an “adult” version of an iconic childhood must haves; the Radio Flyer wagon. Not unlike the Red Rider BB Gun, or a more modern-day Matchbox car collection, this was certainly in a must have Christmas list of many a child. Now as an adult, we give you this golf cart based chassis electric version with rack and pinion steering, brakes and a bench seat version of the downhill coaster, now able to take you uphill almost as fast!

All steel for the build of this wagon, painted in the red paint as expected, and decal emblazoned to match the original version. Paint is excellent with no rust seen and decals are nice and white with no peeling. The tub has rounded corners for safe entry and is also covered in red. A black plastic interior liner covers the inner floor, and it mates with a vinyl tuck and roll stitched bench seat. This is fronted by a chromed shiny steering wheel column which reaches ergonomically towards the driver and is topped with a billet style drilled steering wheel wrapped in white plastic. The gas pedal and brake are at your feet, and directly under your seat is the on switch and forward and reverse toggle as is a switch for the lighting.

Looking into the rear we see the power plant which consists of 36 volts of battery power on back right behind the bench. This power transfer takes place at the rear axle, through a differential. Brake lights are added, and up front a small chromed football helmet style guard protects the rack and pinion steering mechanism. Remember this is a standard golf cart chassis so standard wheels are all around and have nifty moon caps in mirror like chrome covering their hubs.

Undercarriage is all clean and very structurally sound plenty of muscle to hold up the tub, and its passenger as well as the minimal comforts. Tires are like new and as previously noted, standard golf cart issue.

Driving this cart is a cross between driving a Tesla, and a kid's actual wagon. Torque is plentiful and gets you up to speed very quickly. It steers like a golf cart, and you should be cautionary on tight turns, although it will not tip even though you may feel like it will. Brakes bring you to a halt with no effort.

Bring out the kid in you and imagine gliding down that steepest of neighborhood hills pushing the envelope of your confidence just a bit further every run. Higher, faster, more thrilling will come to mind with each run. With this you will be the ONLY person for many miles (and maybe ONLY would be absolute) based on I've never seen another one! Careful of all that torque from the 36V system, you'll put your eye out! Break a leg...


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