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1955 Ford

Crown Victoria


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Body Color
Engine Size
272ci V8
Transmission Type
3 Speed Automatic

1955 Ford Crown Victoria

1955 Ford Crown Victoria

The Crown Victoria name first appeared in the Ford line-up in the 1955 model year as a high-fashion version of the Fairlane. Existing as a two-door coupe for 1955 and 1956, 24 years would pass before the Crown Victoria rejoined the Ford line-up.

For consignment the 1955 debut of Ford's Crown Victoria. This particular car has all the right stuff but it's in the wrong condition. Everything is actually on this car trim wise and body panel wise, however it's going to need some TLC. The good news is it is of the condition where it will be worthwhile to put the effort and dollars into this car, as these basket handle Crown Vics are stunning when completed.

The front of this car must have been the part that could fit in the barn because it is surprisingly good condition. The grille is shiny and shows just a bit of degradation on the chrome. Even the swoop spear which begins right behind the headlight bezels on the top of the front quarter is good until we get to the doors. This is where we see the beginnings of the rust. On top the wonderful basket handle top broken up by lots o chrome is in surprisingly good condition as well, and the paint on top is in fair to poor condition with rust showing. Window trimmings remain good. Moving rearward is where the real work will begin in earnest, as there is major rust and paint peeling. The trunk appears fairly clean but rear quarters, and some of the continental bumper are showing rust. The spare tire encasement is good with shiny chrome with slight rust, and no rust on the paint with very clean badging. Wheels are standard Ford dog dish fare, and these are wrapped by wide whites all around.

At some point it had been restored inside but it has faded with time and shows slight wear. Black tuck and roll inserts are surrounded by smooth white bolsters and some worn piping also in white. A rear bench stays with this motif and has a nice center armrest and a wonderful chrome V style accent trim on top as we move to the rear interior deck. The dash appears original shows some patina and dulling and is presenting in cream and black combination. All gauges, knobs, and levers are all there and show just some chipping on the field where they are mounted but their bezels are on good condition. The headliner, in white perforated pattern looks great as does the underside of the basket handle. Floors will need some work as there is rust on the floorboards and carpet is missing.

A look into the engine bay and at one point there has been some work done on the engine block and intake manifold as they are a nice Ford red. Otherwise, some surface rust and paint chipping are noted on the air cleaner cover and valve covers. Newer hoses are on, and the original radiator is still there. As for the specs. it has its original 272 ci V8 it has a single 2-barrel carb atop, and a Ford-O-Matic automatic transmission on back, with a 3.31 rear axle.

Some surface rust is coating various parts, and it is lightly coating the underside of the frame. The exhaust particularly has rust and it is a dual glass pack setup. Drum brakes are all around. Noted as well surface rust is on the rockers, as well as the lower inside door panels.

This car starts right up and runs smoothly. It shifts smoothly and offers up a nice cruising ride. We noted the front end feels a little loose and could benefit from a rebuild. Interior is comfortable but the heat controls and radio are not working.

Certainly not a perfect car, but with some exterior TLC, and a few areas of interior touch up, and you will definitely get your money out of any efforts put forth to get this “all there” car back to snuff. It runs fine and has had a recent timing chain, and thermostat and water pump installed.

VIN Decode
U-272ci V8 2bbl
N-Norfolk, VA Assy Plant
W-Crown Victoria Fairlane
150510-Sequentail Unit Number

Warranty Tag
BODY 64A-Crown Victoria Solid Top
COLOR AE-Raven Black/Snowshoe White
TRIM AT-White Vinyl, Black Bodycloth

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