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1963 Ford

Thunderbird Convertible


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Engine Size
390 V8
Transmission Type
3 Speed Automatic

1963 Ford Thunderbird Convertible

1963 Ford Thunderbird Convertible

The Thunderbird and the Corvette have a long and sorted history, with both initially competing for the same customer space. Eventually the Corvette went to racing, and the Thunderbird became the boulevard king. The ultimate get away car from the kids with a two seat configuration (rear seat is there but covered by cowlings) with a convertible cruiser, it became the “it” car for early 1960's suburbia. With design cues courtesy of the jet age, its bullet like front appearance, and jet engine taillights were keying into the upwardly mobile middle class, and growing suburbia.

Offered for sale is a 1963 Ford Thunderbird Convertible in Diamond Blue exterior and light blue vinyl interior. 1963 was the last production year of the third generation of T-birds. Of the total production of 214,375 units produced, only 5,913 were convertibles.

A Diamond Blue bullet shaped model with a white convertible top, presents in good overall condition. The mechanicals for this pop top are a marvel of engineering, as the whole long expansive trunk section, and the top become involved on the up and down operation and storage. A paint matching Sport Roadster Tonneau is attached to the back the buckets, and swoop from the headrest to the rear deck, creating an aerodynamic “bat mobile” look and enclosing the rear seats. Chrome and bright work are correct, and in fine shape. Bringing up the rear are twin turbine jet engine styled taillights which are enclosed into the rear bumper. These are topped by miniature fins, which were quickly beginning to disappear, but on this car are utilized from front quarter to rear lights. Thin white sidewall tires wrap original chrome turbine styled custom wheels, which have knockoff hubs. 3 chromed faux jet intake appliqués adorn each exterior door panel and add to the jet look.

Two tone blue vinyl, original to the car is seen, and is in full glory, with near nice bucket seats in front, complete with integrated wrap around headrests. A bench in the back is seen without the tonneau cover. These all have lighter blue tuck and roll inserts and dark blue bolsters and are all very nice. The rear seats are covered when making use of the sports tonneau which inserts neatly around the front buckets. A sleek console makes its way to the dash, and houses the vinyl covered console glove box, and ashtray. Horizontal ribbed aluminum snakes its way up the dash, and proceeds to spread out from side to side over the dash front, which houses the heater and air flow controls, light switches, logos and a very cool swing away steering wheel. Above this are 2 black vinyl winglike structures (can you say bird?) that form the padded dash top. A speaker, radio, and a 3-gauge cluster is within these swoops, and all appear in excellent condition. Power brakes and power steering are additional factory equipment.

The car presented has gone through a thorough mechanical restoration which includes a rebuilt transmission with new front and rear seals attached to the 390ci engine. A complete engine tune up including new plugs, points, condenser was performed. The engine head gaskets were replaced with new as well as all hoses and belts. A single 4-barrel Holley carb is atop and covered by a nice gold painted air cleaner. A 3-speed Cruise-O-Matic (don't you just love those 60's names?!) automatic transmission pushes power rearward to a Ford 9-inch 3.00 rear axle. All hoses are nice and supple with a good shine and the original FoMoCo windshield washer fluid bag hangs on the passenger fender.

Plenty of patina and some chipping off of original undercoating but rust free and all sturdy down below. Power drum brakes are on all 4 corners.

T-bird greatness this car soars in performance, reliability, and all around good mechanicals. It started quickly and handled very nicely. There is plenty of room and we noted no mechanical problems during our drive.

A very, cool retro mid century, last year of a truly iconic convertible, this 1963 offers an opportunity to own an immediately recognized classic for a below market price. So why not relive that fantasy of leading the “jet set” lifestyle, driving a “jet age” style automobile, flying around town, turning heads while doing so.

VIN Decode
Y-Wixom, MI Assy Plant
85-Thunderbird Convertible
Z-390ci V8 4bbl 300hp
141644-Sequential Unit Number

Warranty Tag
BODY 76A-Thunderbird Convertible
COLOR N-Diamond Blue
TRIM 52-Blue Vinyl
DATE 15B-February 15th 1963
DSO 22-Charlotte
AXLE 1-3.00 Conventional
TRANS 4-Cruise O Matic