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1963 Ford

Fairlane 500

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Engine Size
221 V8
Transmission Type
2 Speed Automatic

1963 Ford Fairlane 500

1963 Ford Fairlane 500

Sleepers are some of our favorite cars here at Classic Auto Mall. Not only because they're fast and soft-spoken, but also because they represent the ingenuity of putting big horsepower in anonymous and sometimes unpopular packages. It's a side of our personality that, given the pages of polished cars on our website, you probably wouldn't expect to see. And I know what you're thinking…you doubt my sincerity about introducing a genuine, road-ready sleeper. But alas, after you take just one look at this original Ford Fairlane, you'll quell your convictions.

Not the most powerful optioned Fairlane in the offerings of 1963, but certainly a respectable grocery getter, that remains all original condition save for the driver's fender which was hit at a bank parking lot and replaced, in its presentation. A difficult at best car to find in this condition, and is super clean, and has unbelievably low original 45,138 miles From its bat-mobile-esque small tail fins, to its turbine like rear stoplights, lets usher in the very beginnings of the jet age, in style…”put some records on while I pour”.

A consigner stated all original Champagne paint, we note some dull spotting on the front which you need to look hard to see those spots. It remains amazing original and good condition straight steel, all minding their gaps, and staying in line. Opening and closing the doors, this car literally has the Mercedes thud, with no after closing vibrating jiggle sounds, just a cold hard thud...which speaks to fit and finish on this 56 year old car. The only sign of rust is interestingly on that replaced driver's fender, right at the back of the wheel well. This however is surface rust only and can easily be remediated. Noted is a nicely placed black trim spear going from fore to aft at the belt line. Bordered by polished stainless, it attracts attention at just the right places for ones eye to follow the early 1960's line of this car. Plenty of other chromed trim work around all windows, and drip moldings as well as highlighting the B pillar. Pristine shiny black covers the hardtop. The grille sports a pattern that reminds us of a chromed tweed and is flanked by dual headlights and some front fender toppings looking like mini fins. Standard Ford turbine style wheel covers are wrapped by thin whites, with good tread showing on all.

Muted gold is the color scheme inside with x patterned tuck and roll cloth inserts, surrounded by darker muted gold shiny bolsters, and some white piping thrown in for some seat bling, midcentury modern style. Also, the inserts as well as door panels make use of some metal thread for just a bit of highlighting. Both seats are benches, the front split, and they stretch from door panel to door panel. Turning our attention to the original dash we see a trio of deep set circular gauges in an aluminum field. Above is a faux leather patterned padded dash with no cracks or fading, and below is a painted metal strip of the muted gold. Nary a mark on this dash not even key scratches around the ignition. An all original and working radio, and temp controls are seen in the center, and a glove box in front of the passenger. This is fronted by a pristine steering wheel, of course original! Carpet is very nice throughout, and there is an original dealer available and installed full length rubber floor mat. A nice tight headliner in white is above all this early 60's splendor. A shout to the trunk which has its original square tweed liner and no sign of rust anywhere.

A lift of the hood, and we are greeted with a 221ci V8 nicely patinaed and original, complete with yellow valve covers and air cleaner. A single 2-barrel carburetor is atop and this car utilizes a 2-speed Ford-O-Matic transmission to put power back to a Ford 8-inch 3.25 conventional rear.

We see minimal surface rust, and structurally sound frame and floorpans as well as rockers below. Independent coil spring front suspension, leaf spring rear suspension, and drum brakes all around are noted while underneath.

Sitting inside it feels like you are in nearly a new car, this car fired right up, and ran like a dream. No creaks or squeaks, it handled well with just a little roll on sharper turns. Brakes are strong, and transmission shifted smoothly. A nice cruiser where I noted the only thing not working was the gas gauge.

A real original charm with a documented 45,138 miles, all original paint, engine, and interior, all clean, and all ready to turn the key and go. I'll see you at the car show!

VIN Decode
F-Dearborn, MI Assy Plant
43-2 Door Hardtop
L-260ci V8 2bbl
160839-Sequential Unit Number

Warranty Tag
BODY 65A-Fairlane 2 Door Hardtop
COLOR 1A-Champagne & Black
TRIM 28-Gold Cloth & Vinyl
DATE 07M-December 7th 1962
AXLE 4-8" 3.25 Gears
TRANS-2 Speed Ford O Matic

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