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1959 Studebaker



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Engine Size
259ci V8
Transmission Type
3 Speed Manual

1959 Studebaker Lark

1959 Studebaker Lark

Every muscle car enthusiast knows what an STP sticker looks like. But is there a Studebaker tie-in? Yes. STP oil treatment was first introduced in 1952 as a product of Chemical Compounds Inc. of St. Joseph, Missouri. An abbreviation for Scientifically Treated Petroleum, STP was a thriving business when Studebaker president Sherwood Egbert acquired the company and trademark on March 1, 1961. The claim that STP stands for Studebaker Transmission Products is just a myth. That said, after the 1961 acquisition, the STP trademark was briefly co-opted to stand for Studebaker Tested Products. Soon after, Egbert realized the popular oil supplement was best kept as a standalone brand. STP, under the leadership of Andy Granatelli was a strong source of profits and positive PR through its many Indy 500 attempts and active support of all facets of professional motor sports.

For consignment we are keeping in tune with the Studebaker affinity for avian species, we give you the Lark. A smaller car with a big interior to seat 6 passengers comfortably. This car has been beautifully restored with all areas being meticulously attended to and no stone left unturned. A fine running and looking great 1959 Lark.

Boxy but with rounded corners would best describe the design for this car, and it was intentional. Intentional because they wanted to fit 6 passengers inside comfortably, and in order to do so, needed as much space for that interior. All steel straight panels sprayed with Seamist Green, then snazzy clean chrome was attached. Pay particular attention to the belt line mini swoop spear, that literally runs from above the headlights up front to the end of the rear quarter, then decides to sweep across the trunk and start all over again on the other side. Small rounded fins add some nice line to the back of the car, and the oval taillights keep it simple on the back. You have to love the wrap around rear glass with quite a rearward rake for its time. This gives the car some panache in the design department. Badging is all nicely preserved and uses your grandmother's handwriting as the font. Standard Studebaker polished wheel covers are on all 4 corners wrapped in thin whites.

Studebaker was known for its use and acceptance of mixing different materials, particularly on their interiors. This car does not disappoint, as the door panels have a mixture of silver fabric, smooth green vinyl, and knitted textured metal thread panels. All emblazoned with nicely preserved cranks and handles. Inside we see more of the metal thread in green slightly tucked and rolled inner panels for the benches. These are bordered by smooth dark green vinyl for the bolsters. Seats show slight wear. A beautifully restored turquoise dash with all clean and correct instrumentation fronted by an original steering wheel and topped with a faux leather grained green padded dash. Hanging below the passenger side is the dealer added tissue dispenser in chrome. Headliner is a tan mohair.

A very nicely restored 259ci V8 sits in a clean and shiny engine bay. Stromberg provides the single WW carburetor, and a 3-speed manual transmission is attached.

Some surface rust is seen around the rocker area, but otherwise rust free on the frame and floorpans. Suspension is independent coil spring up front, and leaf spring in the back, and all looks rust free. Some surface rust is seen on the underside of the door panels, and interestingly those panels were missed on the respray. Drum brakes for all 4 wheels, and a glasspack dual exhaust is also seen underneath. Slight surface rust is seen within the door jambs, and on the front grille.

A quick starter, this car runs just dandy. It is a cruiser, which gains speed through every gear. It handles very nicely, and parking in a tight spot is not too bad without the power steering. Interior is very roomy for the size of the car.

A beautiful example of a car nearly everyone's aunt or grandmother owned at one time. This small car with a big capacity was popular in the day and got good gas mileage to boot although at that time no one cared. Usage of interesting tactile and visually appealing fabrics and surfaces interior-wise, and an overall good restoration with just a few areas of very minor surface rust around. A turnkey 1959 Studebaker you could come in and buy on a Lark?!

VIN Decode
V-259ci V8
12601-Sequential Unit Number

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