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1929 Ford

Model A Cabriolet


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Engine Size
350 V8
Transmission Type
3 Speed Automatic

1929 Ford Model A Cabriolet

1929 Ford Model A Cabriolet

Henry Ford was always convinced that people should satisfy themselves with nothing more than a good, simple and economical car. At the price of great efforts, his inner circle finally succeed in eroding his stubbornness and, in May 1927, after having produced more than 15,000,000 Model T's since 1908, Ford closes his plants for many months in order to retool his assembly lines for the production of his next legend: the Model A. The latter will ultimately be produced in 5,000,000 copies between 1928 and 1931. This new miracle is equally attributable to Henry and his son Edsel. Henry will dedicate himself to the mechanical aspects and Edsel will bring a whole new look to the design of the Model A. The Model T was nicknamed “TIN LIZZIE” the Model A will be known as the “BABY LINCOLN”

Knock Knock..who's there? Banana..Banana who? Knock Knock..who's there?..Banana, Banana who?..Knock Knock ..who's there? Orange..orange who..orange ya glad I didn't say banana??! So, for consignment an orange Model A rod keeping it simple. No hood, no front fenders, no running boards, just rear fenders, and the cockpit shell. And a chromed engine to show the world.

The Model A in its simplest form, front fenderless, front hood cowlless, and no running boards. Even smaller rear fenders replace the originals. This is all bathed in orange paint and has some self-described “salad fingers flames” emanating from the engine bay back through the doors in decal form. A removable fiberglass hardtop, also in orange, can be popped off and driven as a convertible. The original shaped radiator is hanging out by itself on the front and has a 350ci engine behind it to keep things cool. Black side pipes form from the headers and hang below the rockers. 15-inch Weld Drag Lite wheels are on all 4 corners and have 29-11.00-15 rear rubber, and 165-R15 rubber upfront.

Again simplicity abounds with square textured broadcloth on the door panels in black and a stitched on cloth Ford blue oval in the center. Doors are kept closed by a metal hook and eye operation (Told ya… simple!). More of the black square textured cloth makes up the bench seat and partially covers the steering column. The dash is painted orange metal and has 2 inset gauges, and a shift light equipped tachometer mounted to the column. Black carpet covers the floor and a piston style topped long gear shift lever reaches for the driver in the center.

With a painted black block (say that 3 times real fast!) and all polished upper this 350ci V8 (which the consigner states is a 383ci Stroker) it is topped with a Holley 4-barrel carburetor and a polished scoop sitting proudly on top. A TH350 3-speed automatic transmission is on back, and way back is a Ford 8-inch rear. We note black headers which go into side-pipes.

An all orange frame and tub all rust free and clean is underneath. We note some chromed suspension parts, and a dropped front axle. Transverse leaf springs are the front suspension and coil-overs are mounted on the rear. Disc brakes for the front, and drums for the rear, and these manual operated.

This car produces a deafening roar with the open pipes. It has good acceleration, steers smoothly, and has a decent ride as some of these Model A rods tend to be a little rough. It's nice to look out over the scooped engine and watch some of the workings while driving thanks to no hood. Note there is no odometer or speedometer in this vehicle.

An interesting build particularly the door latching system, which is a lot like my screen door at home, so I definitely know how to get in and out. A classic stripped down hot emulating the early days of the 'Young-uns” looking for that speed racing to an arm drop in the southern California water trenches. Nice orange color, I think I'll go peel out.

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