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1967 Volkswagen

Beetle Coupe


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Engine Size
1500 CC
Transmission Type
4 Speed Manual

1967 Volkswagen Beetle Coupe

1967 Volkswagen Beetle Coupe

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A totally stripped to bare metal then resprayed exterior, new chrome, nice interior are in abundance on this restored bug from 1967

From 2017 this car was completely stripped to bare metal, any rust dealt with, then carefully sanded to receive the white paint, which is very nice. All rubber seals and exterior piping for the bumper seams in black are looking good as well. Chrome is excellent and was replaced if needed or polished at the same time of the body redux. Matching white steel wheels have a VW badged dog dish wheel cover and are seen on all 4 corners.

A swing of the door and we see white metal painted surrounding a black horizontally ribbed vinyl panel, complete with the door handle window crank and a vinyl door pull. Dual textured vinyl seats have smooth black vinyl bolsters and lots of clean black piping. The rear seat is a long bench and stretches from C pillar to C pillar. Black carpet is on the floors, and some rubber protective mats are above the carpet. A simple white painted dash with circular speedometer and square gas gauge sit within the vertical ribbed speaker area which is fronted by an original steering wheel in fair condition due to some corrosion on the chrome on the wheel. A Bendix Sapphire 4 AM/FM radio is also mounted in the dash and also shows some corrosion on the brite-work knobs and buttons. The headliner is white and is nice and tight in its perforated pattern.

A cleaned up 1500cc horizontally opposed 4-cylinder engine sits in the rear of this car. It has a 1-barrel carb on top, and a 4-speed manual transmission. Engine appears original and has a new wiring harness, new clutch and all new brakes which are all drum style.

Minor surface rust is attaching itself to the exhaust system, and just a bit on the suspension, which shows as transverse torsion bars upfront and swing arm with torsion bars on the rear. Floor pans are totally rust free and nice and black. Some body putty has been liberally applied on the underside of the nose of the car where it curls back to the suspension, but no rust is present.

This car fires right up and gives that nice tinny sound only a rear engine VW can give. It shifts smoothly, and corners as it should. It provides a nice ride, and even the simple interior is comfortable with plenty of interior room.

A good restoration with a few stones left unturned, but not anything to write home about. Nice paint, and interior and a good runner, a classic and sounding like it 67 V-Dub. California here we come!

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