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1970 Ford

Mustang Fastback


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Engine Size
302 cu. in. V-8
Transmission Type
3 Speed Automatic

1970 Ford Mustang Fastback

1970 Ford Mustang Fastback

Yes, it's a Ford, but a galloping, wild horse is a way cooler badge than a blue oval with the word "Ford" written in it. A lot of thought went into that badge, too. Did you know that it's intentionally oriented so that it is running against the direction of tamed race horses? You know why the side of a Mustang always looks like the side of a Mustang? It's because of the hockey stick-shaped line that runs low down the side and then makes a sharp turn upwards just before it hits the rear wheel. The Mustang doesn't just feature a solid grille and headlight unit, the headlights are slightly recessed, external from the grille, and often set at an angle, sloping towards the rear of the car. This serves to highlight the overbite, and make the car look more like it's cutting through the air... angrily.

Honorably gracing our showroom (reserved for only the best stuff btw) this very nice 1970 Mustang was bought several years ago by the consigner and taken to the next level. A shaker hood, louvers over the rear glass, and 15-inch torque thrust wheels, we can now say rock and roll!

With the hockey stick cove filled in, a shaker hood added, louvers over the rear glass, fairly straight panels, good chrome, and no rust we see metal covered in red. Throw on a black front spoiler, blacken the grille, and button it all up with new fenders and quarter panels, and we are looking fine in the wild horse stable.

A swing of the door and we are met with blazing white saddles dual buckets upfront and a 2 plus 2 seat in the rear. These are clean and have a few smudges but mostly excellent. Same for the door panels which are slightly discolored and have smudging. All this white floats in black carpet which remains very black. Sitting proudly in the center is the iconic Mustang T handled chrome shifter. Dash is original and shows some nicely patina surfaces not perfect but still original. Headliner is nice tighty whitey, and is also in vinyl.

302 cubes of Holley 4 barreled carburetor fed V8 looks showroom under the hood. Nicely painted, chromed and pristine hoses and wires, this literally looks new. A rebuilt C4 3-speed automatic transmission is bolted to the back of this beautiful engine, and pushes power rearward to a Ford 8-inch rear.

If you were enamored by the engine bay, you need to see the underside. All black newly painted, structurally sound, and looking very nice. Some slight rusting is seen under the driver's door and has some white rattle can spray over it. A new exhaust system, 4-wheel drum brakes and all nicely preserved repainted suspension can be seen as well.

An overall awesome experience by our test driver has been reported, with nice power from the shaker 302ci V8, smooth shifting from the rebuilt tranny, and nimble handling for a 1970 muscle car. He reported the interior was comfortable and had a good time with the test drive.

In its past history this car has had some successful rust remediation, new paint, and a snazzy engine put in. Torque thrust wheels, and the inset headlight with blackened grille and I believe we've successfully made a pony snarl if that is possible. Giddy-up buttercup!!!

VIN Decode
T-Metuchen, NJ Assy Plant
F-302ci V8 2bbl
168458-Sequential Unit Number

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