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1954 Chevrolet

3100 Pickup


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Engine Size
235 I6
Transmission Type
4 Speed Manual

1954 Chevrolet 3100 Pickup

1954 Chevrolet 3100 Pickup

There's just something about old school pickups that's universally appealing. To us, they're clean, straightforward work vehicles which have morphed into wildly popular classics. And it seems many enthusiasts agree, as trucks like this original Chevy are some of our hottest sellers…because they are trucks!

For consignment and your enjoyment, a very nicely restored Chevrolet 3100 Series 1/2-ton Pickup, retaining its original styling just as it was on the showroom floor 66 years ago. The advanced design, from Chevrolet was billed as stronger, larger and sleeker, and the first re design since WW2. This truck is a short wheelbase 1/2 ton 3100.

Bathed in well done red lacquer, there is barely a flaw to be found, or gap out of line on this truck. Originality was the restorers key, and it has it from the front grille and bumper, to the badging, to the 5-window setup cab, all the way through the bed which is lined with near perfect oak. Black wall tires with polished American Racing Torque Thrust wheels are adorning each corner. A pair of contrasting black running boards flank each side and are in unscathed condition. For work only on this great example, although it is quite the shower!

Sprayed in warm cream color off white the full metal dash with its pristine original gauge setup, simple vertical ribbed front dash, restored steering wheel and shifter on the floor and we are speaking utilitarian bling if you will. A large bench stretches from metal door to metal door and is found with triangular tufted and buttoned stitched pattern in black vinyl. The back sliding style window is framed inside by pure metal and is sprayed with the warm cream colored off white. Vintage air is hanging from the lower dash.

Opening the massive hood, we are met with a 235ci inline 6-cylinder engine, which is very clean and matched the quality of the rest of the truck. It sits in a very clean engine bay, has a 1-barrel carburetor with an oil bath air cleaner attached to the top. Backing this 92hp engine is a 4-speed manual transmission, that shifts very smoothly.

Appearing original it is covered with a wonderful patina of faded paint, and minor surface rust. Structurally sound it takes on the appearance of what an unpainted undercarriage would over time, but time well spent in a garage or dry barn. Possibly new floorboards were installed, but this has not been confirmed. A new exhaust system has been installed, and disc brakes are in front drums on the rear.

A quick starter, smooth idle, and easy shifting through the 4 gears of the manual transmission are noticed right away. Suspension felt nice and tight with no sloppy ride lumbering around curves here, this truck is a performer and is nice and tight.

Overall a wonderful restoration retaining the original undercarriage, and meticulous attention to the above appearance. Mechanically sound, this truck starts easily, and runs like its 1954 all over again.

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