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1959 Chevrolet

C60 Viking


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Engine Size
261 ci I6
Transmission Type
4 Speed Manual

1959 Chevrolet C60 Viking

1959 Chevrolet C60 Viking

Most old work trucks die alone and covered in rust. Occasionally, however, they're maintained, restored, or modified, like this 1959 Chevrolet Viking 60 (very well maintained), at which point they become bad-ass pieces of automotive history.

For consignment a bad ass big 16,000 GVW capacity dump truck with low miles, minimal invasive rust in the cab corners, and surface rust which gives a great patina. It works like almost new and spent its life in the hands of one owner from a Kansas farm, who used the truck as a harvest hauler. In its infancy with mere 56,997 original miles, you can use as is or refresh it and have a museum piece to ride around in and terrorize smaller cars. Think of the possibilities!

With patina and surface time worn aqua paint, we see amazingly straight steel panels with slight dents and dings, but in shockingly great condition for being 60 years old. Worn white paint is on all the trim and shows the same time worn patina and surface rust. What slight bits of chrome that are on this truck, it is in shiny great condition, including the badging trim spears. The large dump bed is operated by a PTO and works just fine. Dual rear wheels give it the large GVW capacity and allow you trek easily through the worst of road and field conditions. The dump box bed is original in red and has a few boards rotted and missing. A refresh could be done here, and it would look fabulous!

All metal surfaces emulate that of a work truck with metal patina door panels, a chipped and well-worn but straight metal dash, and a ceiling on the cab which has a panel that can be opened much like a sunroof if you like. A long bench assuming original with its blanket cover stretches from door to door. Rubber covers the floors and shows the markings of plenty of field work of a large farm.

Releasing the large hood reveals a 261ci Inline 6-cylinder gas fired engine that is in original condition. A 1-barrel carburetor feeds it fuel, and a New Process 4-speed manual transmission with a 2-speed rear is attached to the back.

As it would not go on our lift due to size constraints, we can crawl under it and see lots of surface rust, but no structural damage. 4-wheel leaf springs and 4-wheel drum brakes are noted underneath.

This old gal comes right to life upon a turn of the key, idles smoothly, and goes through the gears effortlessly. The 2-speed rear allows you to cruise with gas saving efficiency or crawl up a hill with a full load. Rides like a truck, and it's nice to look down on the rest of the world as you saunter around. A good driver and feels like it is not worn at all.

Like finding a needle in a haystack, our consigner went to Kansas and dug this one up, finding it had been used by the same family since its purchase in 1959, and used only on the farm, hence the low mileage. A great patina overall, and to actually have it shine again would be almost out of character for such a truck. 1959 big metal, 6-cylinder gas engine and a flawlessly operating engine and dump bed…Ohhhh Old McDonald had a farm…!

VIN Decode
6G-1.5 Ton HD 6400 Series
K-Kansas City, MO Assy Plant
117280-Sequential Unit Number

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