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1958 Chevrolet

Impala Convertible


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Engine Size
348 V8
Transmission Type
3 Speed Automatic

1958 Chevrolet Impala Convertible

1958 Chevrolet Impala Convertible

Residing on the African Savannah and confronted with a threat, the sleek, nimble, and fast Impala will take flight to outrun or confuse its competitor. Aptly named, the Chevrolet version introduced in 1958, continued to emulate its animal namesake through years of design modifications, and power options made available.

In all its forms, the 1958 Impala is big and confident. As one person said, it's as though the designer of the car, MacKichan took every element he liked, and said “if one is good, many is better.” Only offered in sport coupe and convertible body styles for 1958, the Impala has a pair of fender-top ornaments, double headlamps with matching double parking lamps, triple tail lamps, six holes in the steering wheel, eight chrome spears, 10 lines on the rocker moldings, 12 horizontal lines and 16 vertical chrome accents in four sets of four. No person who bought one was ever in doubt that they were getting a heck of a lot of car.

Even if you're right in front of it, you're going to notice the changing-arc fins first, bursting out of the car's flanks at the reverse C-pillar. They're unmistakable and extraordinary. It's a big, barrel-shaped car with bulges everywhere, and the fins break that theme, bumping up out of the trunk cutlines, sweeping forward well into the passenger compartment, and cutting back into the quarter panels. A massive side spear runs from bow to stern and intersects with the fin toppers in a swept forward V form. A large rocker trim melts into a perfectly arched fender skirted rear with a front chromed trim piece. 8 vertical trim lines and 2 horizontal are seen embedded within the blazing and beautifully applied Rio Red Paint. Don't forget the dual swept back antennas which drips 1950's styling and the continental rear bespoke with metal tire cover and bump out on the immaculate rear bumper. The egg crate grille is surrounded by large chrome bumpers and trim, and 8 count em…8 bezeled light fixtures. All in beautiful presenting condition. The pristine white convertible top moves with power assist up and down effortlessly. 14-inch Chevrolet faux knockoff wheel covers gleam like new, and are wrapped with wide whites.

There was nothing controversial about the Impala interior, it was simply one of the best GM ever rolled into a showroom, and it carried plenty of Motorama styling cues. The most obvious is the three-tone striped pattern on the cloth seat inserts. These present with black gray and red alternating cloth striped inserts, and bright red vinyl bolsters, and are just perfect in condition and design. Another unique detail are the formed, anodized aluminum panels on the doors and interior quarters–that was a real nightmare for Fisher Body because all the body panels had to be an exact color match. You can imagine with four separate pieces of aluminum, the anodizing could turn out in all different values–if they didn't watch it, and they did. The dash has been made even sleeker with white faced Dakota Digital dash gauges, a 10 CD changer including a working rear seat speaker. Power windows are all working perfectly, and an inverted boomerang drilled and emblazoned in the center with Impala and Chevrolet flags, and a circular horn ring, fronts the sleek dash. Perfect deep pile red carpet floods the floors and floats the just perfect seats.

Opening the hood, a 348ci V8 with tri power carbs (3-2 barrel carbs) dotting the top jumps out to your eyes, and puts you into a hypnotic trance… it's that nice. Attached to the back of the pristine mill is a Turboglide 3-speed automatic transmission. 3.36 gears are on the rear.

With a meticulous restoration as such you would expect nothing less than a red tub as nice as the top, sitting within a black structurally sound rust-free frame, and suspension. This suspension includes independent coil springs in front and 4 links with coil springs on the rear. Power disc brakes are now on front and power drums for the rear. A total stainless-steel exhaust runs from the orange painted block to the back of the car.

Because it's in my wheelhouse I was the chosen one (actually I butted selflessly to the front of the line, and took her for a spin. I discovered a smooth cruiser, nice power, good handling. I need to mention I felt like a million bucks behind the wheel of this well embellished automobile.

Just a stunningly beautiful build with all surfaces attended to and preserved. An upgraded dash, disc brakes on front, and the continental option for the rear, there is literally no more room to put anything else on this car design wise. A real classic turn the key and drive away into the sunset.

VIN Decode
F-1800 Series V8 Belair/Impala
S-St Louis, Mo Assy Plant
156765-Sequential Unit Number

Trim Tag
STYLE 58 1867-1958 Impala Convertible
BODY S4294-St Louis Body #
TRIM 855- Black, Red, & Gray Cloth
PAINT 923A-Rio Red

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