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1972 Toyota



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Engine Size
350 V8
Transmission Type
4 Speed Manual

1972 Toyota FJ40

1972 Toyota FJ40

From the Atacama Desert to the Rocky Mountains, from the dunes of Dubai to the open plains of Australia, the Toyota FJ Land Cruiser stands alone as the most reliable, long-lasting, and nearly unbreakable vehicle that gets you anywhere you need to be. The BJ25 was Japan's answer to the American Jeep and the British Land Rover. There's really no sugarcoating it: Toyota reverse-engineered the Jeep and perfected it within a decade. By the time the US started placing orders for the FJ to assist in the Korean War, the FJ had grown into the sturdy 4×4 we know and still love today. From 1955 through 1984, the FJ improved piece by piece, but still managed to maintain its now-iconic look and feel.

Pack your camping gear, grab some extra propane, maybe a better sleeping bag, your fishing gear and the raft the don't forget the groover, we are going to get a little mud on the tires. This consignment is a frame off complete restoration, and now climbs, lunges, trudges, cranks and pulls itself nearly anywhere. You dream it and it will take you there. Simply wild!

With the entire body disassembled, sandblasted, primed and painted we see olive anything but drab shiny 2 stage covering the steel panels that are straight as hunting arrows. The underside has been painted black. 5 yes five, 15 x 10 Aluminum slot wheels wrapped in 5 Super Swamper IROC 37X14X15LT knobbies one hung from a custom rear rack, and the others residing on each corner, are BIG. Savagely tough and impressive.

Utilitarian yet a bit complex with its air heated seats covered in black vinyl. 2 buckets in front and a small rear fold down bench make up the seating. These float in a sea of sound deadening material covered with carpet. Electric A/C provides the cool air when at low altitude. A Dakota digital gauge cluster sits within a custom-made dash front. There is also a hidden audio and navi box on the dash. 3 count 'em, yes 3 shifters… one for the 4-speed tranny and the other two for the transfer cases stretch from the floor. Metal door panels remain original and have had a respray of olive. Just like camping out in the great outdoors.

A 350ci Chevrolet crate motor with a consigner stated all new everything. Exactly what this means eludes us but based on the quality of the rest of the build, it means it was completely new. This crate is topped with an Edelbrock intake and 4-barrel carburetor. The 4-speed H42 manual transmission is on the back and we note a twin stick transfer case, both vintage 1974 equipment according to the codes. Climb like Sir Edmund Hillary. Sherpa!!

Plenty of ground clearance, solid steel and clean rust-free surfaces. Front suspension has been converted to spring over axle front and the shackles were replaced. The rear sports springs and has also seen a shackle replacement. Custom make Tom Woods driveshafts go to each of the cases, and an aluminum fuel cell make up some of the highlight's underneath. Tough as nails boys.

Anything needing a ladder (at least for this writer) has some serious ground clearance. Once in I was on top of the outdoor world where I fired up the crate and brought the 350 cubes to life. We rolled along in our high and mighty way. listening to the hum of the knobbies, and having our fillings shaken out. Seriously it actually was a smooth ride, but you are in a HD truck, so it's not a 58 Cadillac. Comfortable seats, power steering and the new suspension makes for some interesting gear combinations, which all were not tried on those dual stick transfer shifters. Ok I'm ready to get down now Justin!! Somebody can some get me…beltloop??! Hell, maybe I'll just drive this rig to New Hampshire and have a long weekend.

Proof that when a builder sets their mind to make something great, they can meet and exceed expectations. Frame off massaging of steel panels, high lift, big Super Swamper knobbies, and I practically filled the groover with my wandering eyes amazement gazing at this creation. Big time 4x5 fer shur. One of a kind. Indubitably.

VIN Decode
FJ40-FJ40 Land Cruiser
120806-Sequential Unit Number

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